Sun 10th pick Smith to join Paul Booker in Phoenix

 Sun 10th pick Smith to join Paul Booker in Phoenix

Collection of Jalen Smiths 2019-20 season (source: Netease sports)


Smiths personal advantage is that he has an excellent physique and is a power forward who meets the physical requirements of the NBA (arm span 7-2). Last season, he had more guest appearances in the center position. After entering the NBA, he can also be competent for the center position.

As an inside line, Smith has a variety of offensive means, the outside range is quite good, 37% of the hit rate, in the free throw also has 75% of the shooting rate, also OK. When facing a slower defender, he can attack at medium and long range, or play low back (with both hands). His two-point goal is more than 60%.

In addition to attacking well, in defense, Smith is also competitive. First of all, he has a long hand advantage. In addition, he has excellent timing judgment, so he can be an excellent shot blocker, and he can block with both hands. In addition, his rebounding ability is also very good.


Smiths disadvantage is that his coverage area is not too big when defending, if the opponent dribbles the ball, he is very difficult to defend. In addition, the first step is not fast, there is a certain disadvantage in defense, and in the face of the traditional NBA center, the defensive side of the body is still lacking.

His lower limbs are thin and need to be strengthened. We should also strengthen our ability to attack and defend.

In addition, in terms of passing, Smiths ability is below average. When asked to create offensive opportunities, he has a limited field of vision.