A birthday wish for your ex? Xiao Yaxuan: can still be friends after breaking up

 A birthday wish for your ex? Xiao Yaxuan: can still be friends after breaking up

Netease Entertainment reported on November 19, November 18, in the latest issue of the variety show daughters in love, Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao discussed the issue of can we still be friends after breaking up, and their views on love appear again.

On this issue, Xiao Yaxuans little boyfriend Huang Hao believes that he cant be friends after breaking up, if you can be friends, its not true love..

Xiao Yaxuan, on the other hand, said that after breaking up, he could be a friend. If you love, you will have feelings. After that, your feelings will be sublimated into friendship. in response to the previous birthday blessing to her predecessor, she said: forget to change the mobile phone reminder, and by the way, you can say happy birthday if you sublimate..

It is reported that Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao openly fell in love with each other in August 2019. At that time, Taiwan media revealed that they had been photographed together for the night three years ago. In the low tide of Xiao Yaxuans life, Huang Hao was always with her and took care of her. Their relationship was very stable. Now they are on the variety show together and are extremely loving.

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Xiao Yaxuan confesses that he has quarreled with her boyfriend frequently in the past year and has tried to break up for many times

On October 21, Netease Entertainment reported that Xiao Yaxuan and her little boyfriend Huang Hao first talked about their love life for three years at a variety show.

When Xiao Yaxuan was asked which moment would like to give up this relationship, Xiao Yaxuan said that this year is more serious, because we have been together for nearly three years, which is a bottleneck.

Little boyfriend Huang Hao also talked about having many times to give up, but we didnt give up, and said, live well..

Xiao Yaxuan tenderly confessed Huang Hao: if you are a cloud, I will follow you to become a cloud. If you are a drop of rain, I will follow you into a drop of rain.. At the same time, he said: three years later is another better state, we are looking for the middle value of peaceful coexistence.

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Xiao Yaxuans cold war with her little boyfriend? Suspected cause of Tuixi makes Huang Hao no match

Xiao Yaxuan and her boyfriend Huang Hao

According to Taiwan media reports, recently it was reported that Elva and her 16-year-old boyfriend Huang Hao took over the reality show, which has been recorded in Taiwan. It is reported that when Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao showed up, there were as many as 27 staff around them. The battle was as big as international stars. Huang haoxuan wont be the protagonist of the cold war, so she wont get a job with Huang Haoyue.

Xiao Yaxuan and her little boyfriend Huang Hao are not only lovers, but also support each other at work. Although Xiao Yaxuan was too strict before, resulting in Huang Haos pressure and vomiting blood, let Xiao Yaxuan learn to let go. But recently it is reported that Xiao Yaxuan has helped Huang Hao to push off a stage of drama appointment, which makes him complain about his girlfriend.

Recently, it was alleged that Huang Haoyuan wanted to invest in a film and television project in mainland China and take the leading role in it. However, after careful evaluation, Xiao Yaxuan thought that the job was stable and not profitable, so he rejected Huang Haos proposal. In the past, Xiao Yaxuan almost responded to Huang Haos demands, but this time he closed the door to her boyfriend, which made Huang Hao lose face and was quite unhappy. It is reported that the couple had been in a cold war for half a month.

Never mind make complaints about Elva Hsiaos failure to become a hero, because he took the show of the Huang Haos Tucao conference earlier this year, and then took a reality show. She also offered two major conditions: one is to convey her most authentic side; on the other hand, she hopes to hold her red boyfriend and her artist Huang Hao, which fully shows that Xiao Yaxuan believes that Huang Hao is a male god excellent stock in the performing arts circle.

Recently, the reality show began to be recorded in Taiwan. When Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao showed up, they were surrounded by 27 staff, almost the size of a small tour group. At present, first-line stars usually have agents, executive agents, assistants, hairdressers, make-up assistants, bodyguards and photographic side shots, etc. they are basically 9-person teams, and Xiao Yaxuans entourage is three times as much as the standard. It is understood that the people present are also frightened by the battle.

After 20 years of his career, Xiao Yaxuan has his own ideas about performing arts. In addition to his own requirements, he also masters Huang Haos future. Xiao Yaxuan, who has a fortune of more than 200 million yuan, inherited her mothers business acumen. She is very sensitive to figures. Therefore, she will evaluate the work of visiting the door again and again. Although there are occasional differences of opinion with Huang Hao, they still rely on each other. Huang Hao also made love to Xiao Yaxuan on Weibo: my heart has been stolen by you. It shows the strong emotion between them.

Recently, Xiao Yaxuan announced his program with Huang Hao on social network, and Selina, Chen Qiaoen and others had participated in the performance.

Xiao Yaxuan goes shopping with her 16-year-old boyfriend in a shopping mall. They hold hands together like glue. Xiao Yaxuans missing his mothers little boy friend is too touching to make him cry. Xiao Yaxuan and his little boyfriend have a sweet candlelight dinner to break the love story. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251