Zeng Shunxis dinner is full of smiles and in a good mood. Liu yunning is very polite in small actions

 Zeng Shunxis dinner is full of smiles and in a good mood. Liu yunning is very polite in small actions

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Zeng Shunxis dinner party is full of smiles and in a good mood. Liu yunning is extremely polite in his small actions (source: Houchang village exposure Society)

Houchang village reported on November 19 that who is a hero starring Yang Chaochao, Zeng Shunxi and Liu yunning opened in Hengdian. Zeng Shunxi and Liu yunning, the leading actor, attended the opening ceremony.

At the scene of the startup, Zeng Shunxi and his colleagues were laughing and talking. His facial features were exquisite. He had the flavor of a little brother from Hong Kong style. Liu yunning was so tall that he could not keep a low profile even wearing a hat and mask.

After the opening ceremony, the creators took a group photo with the red envelope. Finally, Liu put on his mask and took a group photo with his fans lovingly. However, the small club of the opening ceremony did not see Yang Chao show up.

After dinner, Zeng Shunxi and his friends came out of the car and left with a smile.

Liu Yuning, dressed in a cowboy suit and a mask, walked out slowly. During this period, some hotel staff offered to ask for a handshake. Liu also responded politely, and then got on the bus and left.

Finally, Zhang Xilin and the director of the old drama also got out of the car and left.

Li Muge, the director of who is the hero, once directed the blockbuster online drama Donggong. Can say who is a hero become a blockbuster? Look forward to it!

It is reported that who is a hero is directed by Li Muge, starring Zeng Shunxi, Yang Chaoyue and Liu yunning, especially Chen Chuhe and Luo Jialiang, and co starring Meng Ziyi and sun zujun. Adapted from the martial arts novel series of the same name written by Wen Ruian, the play tells the story of young Wang Xiaoshis acquaintance with Bai choufei, gentleness, Su Mengzhen, etc. after traveling down the mountain, he has established a lifelong friendship, and has experienced the brotherhood and love of the red world in the citys rivers and lakes, and gradually grows into a hero who takes charge of his own affairs from a young age of ignorance.

Source: Houchang village, responsible editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251