Xu Haiqiao gets touched at dinner party

 Xu Haiqiao gets touched at dinner party

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Xu Haiqiaos face touched at a dinner party

Houchang village reported on November 19 that Dong Youlin and Xu Haiqiao are brothers who have a very good relationship. Recently, they have been photographed having a dinner and playing together again.

A few days ago, Xiaoshe saw Dong Youlin come out of a restaurant on the street of Hengdian, get on the bus and go to another restaurant for a second dinner party.

After dinner, Dong Youlin, Xu Haiqiao and a group of friends come out of the restaurant. It turns out that Dong Youlin went to find his good brother Xu Haiqiao again.

Dong Youlin, Xu Haiqiao and their friends formed a circle to chat with each other. Xu Haiqiao was touched by a bald man on his shoulder. He immediately responded gently and touched back.

Dong Youlin waved goodbye to his friends and looked at the mask he was wearing. Is this the pink mask printed with little strawberries? Its too girly!

Xu Haiqiao seemed to be a little cold. He lifted up his collar and shivered for a while. He put on his little hat and joined the group chat.

Then a friend hugged Xu Haiqiao and Dong Youlin, and the two hugged and said goodbye.

Then the two beauties got on the bus and left. Dong Youlin reluctantly waved away the two beauties. After all, Dong Youlin only wore a pair of shorts. Several people chatted outside the restaurant for a while and then went back to the restaurant to continue talking. Dong Youlin and Xu Haiqiao are really energetic!

Previously, some gossip media had photographed Dong Youlin, Xu Haiqiao and Xu Kaicheng having a dinner in a restaurant in Hengdian after the shooting. During the period, the three actors called Korean soju to boost the fun. It can be seen that they are in a good mood and the atmosphere is very harmonious.

Source: Houchang village, responsible editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251