After getting involved in the storm, Bi Ying suspects that she has a new love relationship with Hong Xin and Zhang Danfeng

 After getting involved in the storm, Bi Ying suspects that she has a new love relationship with Hong Xin and Zhang Danfeng

In the video sent by Bi Ying, netizens with sharp eyes found that mens arms and figures appeared many times. And from the perspective of taking photos, Bi Yings beautiful photos are also taken from the perspective of her boyfriend. In addition, her video soundtrack is a food girl, which has aroused endless speculation from netizens.

Before that, Bi Ying and Zhang Danfeng were in love. She has been photographed many times with Zhang Danfeng in the hotel. Since then, under the pressure of public opinion, Bi Ying resigned.

After disappearing for a while, she has recently appeared on social platforms frequently. In a previous video, she wore a diamond ring, which also sparked speculation about her emotional state.

However, the marriage relationship between Zhang Danfeng and Hong Xin is in doubt. Its been a long time since the two men showed their love each other.

Hong Xin has never seen Zhang Danfeng in her daily life. She often interacts with her son Zhang Haolian, but she ignores Zhang Danfeng. Not long ago, on Hong Xins 49th birthday, Zhang Danfengs blessing was not on time. He sent birthday wishes every other day. Whats more, his address to Hong Xin has become her mother.

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Hong Xin laments that we should cherish the present and have a photo with relatives and friends

Netease Entertainment reported on October 17, on the evening of October 16, Hong Xin shared a video on her personal social platform with the following text: cherish everything you have in front of you, and wish you no regrets in 2020! Words with a trace of sadness, but also triggered the suspicion of netizens, can not help but guess that she and Zhang Danfeng feelings lit a red light, even divorced. Because the two have not been in the same frame for several months, Hong Xin no longer mentions any content related to Zhang Danfeng.

The video Hong Xin shared is a combination of some of her previous beautiful photos, including her personal photos, photos of her daughter Zhang Xitong on her 49th birthday, photos of her friends Chen Farong and CAI Shaofen when they went to Disneyland some time ago, and a group photo of herself, her son Zhang Haolian, and her daughter Zhang Xitong. But of all the photos, there is only one Zhang Danfeng is missing.

Finally, she said in the form of monologue: I hope that in 2020, in the last three months of panic and haste, we can grasp the happiness in front of us, realize the happiness of safety and health, and then cherish what you still have at the moment. The last sentence always stays in the group photo of a family of three, and there is no figure of her husband Zhang Danfeng. It is suspected that what she has in front of her is only So.

Before that, August 16 was Zhang Haolians 20th birthday. At that time, Hong Xin shared only three group photos, but Zhang Danfeng was absent, and Zhang Danfeng could only send his blessing.

Where is the recommendation? Zhang Danfeng calls Hong Xin mother for her birthday. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251