Bitcoin surpasses $18000 in market value

 Bitcoin surpasses $18000 in market value

Since the beginning of this year, bitcoin has been soaring, from $7269 to the highest of $18488, with a range of 154% and 17% in the past three days alone.

As prices rise, the market value of bitcoin is soaring. According to the latest data from coinmarketcap, the cryptocurrency website, the total market value of bitcoin is more than 334.2 billion US dollars (about 219.3889 billion yuan).

This figure surpasses Guizhou Maotai, the company with the highest A-share market value. At present, the market value of Guizhou Maotai is close to 2.15 trillion yuan.

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Bitcoin is believed to have the function of Inflation Hedging and the outside world is optimistic about mainstream acceptance, so demand for bitcoin has been strong this year, Reuters quoted Simon Peters, an analyst at eToro, as saying on the 18th. Even its not impossible for bitcoin to set an all-time high price of $20000 before Christmas.

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However, the price of Kingbridge has soared.

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