Aikang Guobin: cooperate to provide materials on suspected violations by Guoxin Securities Analysts

 Aikang Guobin: cooperate to provide materials on suspected violations by Guoxin Securities Analysts

In view of many false contents and deliberately fabricated misleading information in the above research report, Aikang Guobin Medical Examination Management Group Co., Ltd. (Aikang Guobin) sent a lawyers letter to Guoxin Securities on November 8, 2020, requesting Guoxin Securities to make a written reply to relevant issues.

Unfortunately, after receiving the lawyers letter, Guoxin Securities only vaguely stated through public channels that the logic of the report itself is not to discuss the possibility of cooperation between relevant companies. It is possible that the interpretation of individual expressions of the text is not consistent, resulting in some misunderstandings. Aikang Guobin can not accept the above-mentioned response of Guoxin Securities. The content of the research report is not the interpretation of individual statements in the text is inconsistent, but there are obvious false and misleading statements.

Under the above circumstances, Aikang Guobin made a real name report to China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), Shenzhen regulatory bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission (Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau) and China Securities Association on November 12, 2020, requesting to carry out matters concerning Guoxin Securities Analysts Xie Changyan and Zhu Hanqing suspected of spreading false information and misleading investors Investigate and handle according to law.

At the invitation of Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau, on the morning of November 17, 2020, relevant personnel of Aikang Guobin made a special trip to Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau to reflect relevant problems, further provide relevant materials on suspected violations by Guoxin Securities analysts, and cooperate with the investigation of Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau.

Aikang noted that on October 9, 2020, the State Council issued the State Councils opinions on further improving the quality of listed companies. At present, China Securities Regulatory Commission is making solid efforts to improve the quality of listed companies. Accordingly, since this year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has revised the Interim Provisions on reporting violations of securities and futures, and solicited opinions from the public on the administrative punishment measures for securities and futures violations (Draft). On July 7, 2020, Jiangsu regulatory bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission issued [2020] No. 3 administrative punishment decision, which made administrative punishment on two securities analysts of a certain securities company because they could not confirm the information source due to the relevant contents of the research report, the analysts failed to fulfill their due obligations of prudence, honesty and diligence, and had false statements and misleading information.

Aikang Guobin expects relevant departments to fulfill their regulatory responsibilities and make a fair and fair decision on this matter in line with the goal of maintaining the order of the securities market and protecting the interests of investors.

Aikang Guobin Health Examination Management Group Co., Ltd

November 19, 2020

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