The former 4 billion rich are arrested and their companies are suspected of illegal fund-raising

 The former 4 billion rich are arrested and their companies are suspected of illegal fund-raising

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Last year, it was one of the top 500 enterprises in China

Fuzhong high tech Industrial Park (photo source: by reporter Huang Xinlei)

A person in charge of an enterprise in the park, who did not want to be named, told reporters that every weekend - and occasionally during weekdays - a group of old and old women gathered at the gate of the industrial park, blocking the way out at the gate and demanding that the Fuzhong group repay the money, which made it difficult for employees of other enterprises in the industrial park to travel.

Fuzhong group has made a lot of private funds, and now the investment has failed. Our company has rented an office building here, and its only less than a year now. The person in charge said helplessly, now, the company bought a new office building nearby, and will move out immediately.

To the evening off work time, the reporter found that there were almost no people leaving home after work in the headquarters building of Fuzhong group. Reporters from the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) also called Fuzhong group, but no one answered the phone.

According to the public information, Fuzhou group was founded in 1995. It is a global and diversified large-scale private enterprise, which started with IT industry and now focuses on smart consumption. With big data, cloud computing and Internet of things as its core competitiveness, it spans the eight industrial fields of digital agriculture, big health, big real estate, big finance, smart city, artificial intelligence, cultural creativity and tertiary industry services enterprise groups.

In August 2019, Fuzhong group was ranked 72nd in Chinas top 500 enterprises by the all China Federation of industry and commerce; in December 2019, the list of top 100 enterprises in Nanjing was released, and Fuzhou group ranked fifth.

However, at that time, many netizens had already said on their microblogs that: Fuzhong group and its enterprises were in debt and almost closed down, employees wages were deducted, and financing from thousands of people was not paid when they were due

According to qixinbao, in 2019, Fuzhong group was listed as a dishonest executee by the peoples Court of Yuhuatai District of Nanjing city due to its ability to perform and refuse to perform the obligations determined by the effective legal documents. This year, it was listed as a dishonest enforced person by the local court of Nanjing twice. Meanwhile, since January this year, Yang fenping, the legal representative of Fuzhong group, has been restricted by several local courts in Nanjing.

Chinas judicial documents have publicized dozens of enforcement rulings of labor remuneration series cases of Fuzhong group on the Internet. According to a ruling dated September 30, the legal representative of Nanjing Fuzhong hi tech Industrial Park Co., Ltd. is Yang Zongyi, and there is no property under the companys name, such as vehicles. In this regard, the court froze the bank account and internet bank account under the name of the executed person, deducted the bank deposit of 100000 yuan under the name of the executed person, sealed up the real estate in Room 201, No. 699-10, Xuanwu Avenue, Xuanwu District, and took compulsory measures such as judicial detention on the legal representative of the executed person.

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There is not much left. The first is that the official website of the company can not be searched. The two official account of micro-blogs latest update is May 21, 2019. Recently, the only WeChat public account with information updates has only issued an article every month.

On December 31, 2019, Yang Zongyi said: the 24-year-old Fuzhong cant develop from a small store into a diversified and global enterprise group without the resilience of all the people in Fuzhong. Next, the group should go deep and solid in the direction of refinement and specialization. While subtracting various industrial blocks, Fuzhong has to add on its advantageous industries and projects.

Yang Zongyi made a speech in 2019 (photo: Fu Zhong Group official account screenshot)

Among them, in January this year, the cooperation between Fuzhong smart city group and Chongqing Municipality in the field of smart city expanded, successively winning the bid for a number of smart government projects in Jiulongpo District, and also launched the construction of collaborative office platform projects of District Statistics Bureau, Veterans Affairs Bureau, human resources and social Security Bureau and private economic development service bureau, and cooperated with Chongqing Changshou Economic Development Zone to develop and construct administrative services Service hall survey and design project.

In May this year, the relevant person in charge of China crab storehouse network of Fuzhong group said in an interview with the media that through the collection of data from the whole industry chain of hairy crabs, the establishment of a large database for analysis, the website from breeding to purchase and sales, to achieve the whole process of standard traceability, fundamentally transform the traditional breeding and trading structure, and realize order type breeding and standardized delivery.

In September this year, the Guangdong Branch of Huayang Insurance Sales Co., Ltd. of Fuzhong group became the excellent partner of Sino British life insurance.

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