30percent to 15percent! Many times Apple developers make complaints about Apple taxes.

 30percent to 15percent! Many times Apple developers make complaints about Apple taxes.

Photo source: Photo by reporter Zhang Jian

Good for small businesses and developers

It is reported that all existing developers with a total app revenue of less than $1 million in 2020, as well as developers newly joining the app store, can participate in the program and enjoy the reduced commission rate. If the revenue of participating developers exceeds the $1 million limit, the standard commission rate will apply for the rest of the year. If the developers business income is less than $1 million in the coming calendar year, they can be eligible for 15% commission the following year. Apple will introduce more specific policies in early December.

Although the income threshold of $1 million is strictly restricted, for most small enterprises and developers, Apples policy is obviously a good thing. It will increase their income and have the incentive to launch more and better applications.

Apples App Store ecosystem has 28 million developers, and there are about 1.8 million apps. In 2019, Apple stores global revenue is $519 billion, 85% of which is distributed by third-party developers. Apples share is limited to in app purchases, which means 30% of the digital goods and services sold within the app. Among them, small enterprises and individual developers enrich the whole application form, but in 2020, these small enterprises and individual entrepreneurs will also be affected by greater fluctuations.

Apple said on the 18th that the new app store small business plan will greatly promote digital commerce and app innovation, create new jobs, and help small developers and independent developers continue to bring outstanding software to Apple users.

Photo source: Photo by reporter Zhang Jian

Make complaints about the high scores

For a long time, as one of the most important app distribution channels in the world, Apple has the power of life and death for developers. However, 30% of the Commission has been criticized by the outside world in recent years.

Epic, a famous game engine developer, has bombarded apple for many times, believing that its 30% share ratio is too high. Tim Sweeney, the companys founder, has repeatedly said in public that Apples monopoly hinders technological progress and innovation.

In addition, spotify, a music streaming media platform, has also filed an antitrust complaint with the European Union, claiming that it must use Apples in app payment, and has to pay Apple 30% of the Commission. Apple also restricts app developers from informing users of other payment methods.

The number of members of this years fair competition coalition, called coalescence, is more than 30. They have joined hands to put pressure on companies such as apple to oppose excessive commission from app stores such as the app store from software developers, and believe that the Apple tax is an act against innovation.

Apples policy adjustment may also be related to this.

Apple tax has been reduced, will Google tax be reduced? In response, Google said earlier this year that since November 2021, all Google play apps must use the Google payment system and must pay Google a 30% commission.

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