Cut leek to be history? The state is attacking the Internet oligarchs

 Cut leek to be history? The state is attacking the Internet oligarchs

Just last week, the State Administration of market supervision happened to issue the anti monopoly guidelines on the field of platform economy (draft opinions) (hereinafter referred to as anti-monopoly) just before the double-11, which stealthily attacked all major platforms.

Antitrust directly named big data killing behavior.

But to explore the depth, poor Ping Jun found that anti Shashu is actually one of the simple straight fist.

Because antitrust wants to hit the snake seven inches, it plans to use a set of combination techniques including left forward kick, right whip leg and left jab, pointing to the root cause of this phenomenon monopoly. We need to put a curse on the big, stupid companies.

In short, the purpose of the anti monopoly plan to prevent and stop the monopoly of Internet platforms in the economic field is also very clear, that is, to protect fair competition in the market and to safeguard the interests of consumers and society.

Other do not say much, poor comment Jun a lot of shareholders friends have no time to flash. As soon as antitrust came out, the four major e-commerce companies, including Ali, Jingdong, pinduoduo and meituan, lost 2 trillion of market value in two days.

20000 small targets said no, no, the Internet giants are more flustered, we should also be able to explore a little bit.

Of course, after the formal implementation of the anti monopoly, we ordinary consumers will benefit first.

Leaving aside the familiar events at the beginning of the article, do you still remember the 3Q war ten years ago?

At that time, 360 and Tencent were angry with each other. For their own interests, both sides let users only keep one in the computer. And the lawsuit between them has become the first case of Internet antitrust in China.

Recently, the US group also abruptly banned Alipay payment, which forced users to stand in the US and Alipay, causing inconvenience to consumers.

This kind of abuse of market dominant position and forced one-to-one behavior will probably become history after the implementation of anti-monopoly.

However, you may not believe that it is only by the way to return the benefits and convenience to consumers. The most important thing is to really live the Internet circle.

Bad comments Jun still remember when the dream just started, Internet companies are still warriors with swords.

Such as online shopping vs traditional retail, online chat tools vs phone & SMS, mobile payment vs traditional banking, they are not as rigid and conservative as traditional industries, and innovation is their pronoun.

But as the Internet giants continue to attack the city and pull out the village, the story of the young dragon butcher finally becoming a dragon seems to be repeated again.

How to say, after many Internet start-ups have made little achievements, they are left with only two ways: to join the Internet giants, or to be tough with them.

There are even rumors in the industry: sell yourself to Alibaba Tencent as soon as possible! Its too late for them to buy someone else or do it themselves!

Internet oligarchs will be more relaxed, because they dont have to innovate on their own, and then they will be able to purchase with cash.

If you dont want to sell, the oligarchs with capital and flow will do it by themselves, or vigorously support your competitors, or maliciously purchase and hide you. There are many ways to make your life worse than death.

It is certainly inhumane to abuse the dominant position of the market, to seek profits at will, and even to suppress innovation and competition.

Therefore, Zhou Xiaochuan, the former president of the bank, was not polite recently. He said frankly: Internet technology giants control a large amount of data and market share, forming a monopoly and restraining fair competition.

This time, the anti-monopoly can also be said to be a direct pain, abuse of market dominance is clearly defined as violations.

This kind of behavior of selling goods at an unfair high price is illegal!

In order to knock down other emerging shopping platforms, the shopping giant poor to buy more is prepared to provide trillions of subsidies and lower than the cost price to give back to users. (it is not known whether leeks will be cut again later) is there any problem?

Im sorry, abuse the dominant position of the market, and without proper reasons, sell goods at a price lower than the cost, so as to exclude and restrict market competition. Its also illegal.

Of course, other details, as well as how to determine and punish, still need to wait for further improvement of the laws and regulations.

For the next content, please dont rush to scold the poor judge for his crooked bottom, because the anti-monopoly investigation of Internet technology giants in Europe and the United States is still very early.

In fact, as early as 20 years ago, the United States, changed the U.S. software industry Microsoft monopoly case on the official filing.

What evil did Microsoft do at that time? In fact, it is very simple, that is, they bundled IE browser on Windows system, and let ie not be uninstalled.

The federal government and other browser manufacturers believe that Microsoft is taking advantage of its monopoly position in the operating system to force the promotion of IE browser, which is an unfair competition behavior.

Although Microsoft finally spent billions of dollars to reach a settlement with the government, the U.S. legal community also reached a conclusion: it is not illegal to occupy the market by strength, and the illegal place is to use this monopoly power to stifle competition.

Of course, there are policies on the one hand and Countermeasures on the other. Nowadays, some technology giants have become thick skinned. You fine, Ill pay you! Its not that you cant afford the tickets.

Google, for example, seems to have become a cash cow in Europe, with a fine of $2.3 billion a year a common practice. Because it takes several years to complete the judicial process, many technology oligarchs can delay and appeal if they can.

Governments are not stupid. This year, the United States and Europe have launched more stringent investigations into technology giants.

It can be seen that the monopoly and supervision of this part is still in serial, far from over.

And our countrys antitrust guide, is also open to the public for comments.

If you have good ideas, you can log in to the website of the General Administration of market supervision, or make suggestions through e-mail, letter and mail.

But Mr. Cha thinks that antitrust is a good thing, because those who are rich first should drive the latter, instead of building a high wall and demolishing a bridge, thus cutting off the path of the latecomers.

After all, no matter how strong and dense the tree is, we should not absorb every drop of nutrients, so that even the root grass will not grow under the tree.