The Spurs picked Russell in 11th place to become the first Lotto show since Duncan

 The Spurs picked Russell in 11th place to become the first Lotto show since Duncan

The 20-year-old Wassel has been called by the media and scouts as the strongest 3D player in this draft, the kind of player every NBA team needs. But vassel is different from those 3D players who have already established their technology. His technology and body are still evolving rapidly. No one knows what his ultimate shape will be.

Collection of Devin Vassells 2019-20 season (source: Netease sports)

Devon Wasser didnt show much talent in basketball when he was a teenager. He studied at Taoshuling high school in Savannah, Georgia, until his last year of high school that he began to be noticed for his defensive ability and hard work on the court. Even so, when he graduated, Wasser ranked more than 200 high school students in the United States, and few good universities offered him an olive branch.

After entering Florida State University, Wassel is still not optimistic, his rookie season almost always spent on the bench, but he still did not stop his efforts. During the period from freshman to sophomore, Wassel grew 5cm in height and gained 25 pounds (about 11.3kg), which made him like a fish in the water at both ends of attack and defense, becoming the teams top player in exterior defense. The average score per game also increased from 4.5 to 12.7, a full increase of 8.2 points.

Compared with other talented young players, Wasser is more like an ordinary person among them, but he has proved with his own experience and growth that diligence is also a talent.

Scouting Report


Defense is vassels personal skill. He limited the shooting percentage of his opponent to 36.8% throughout the 2019-20 season, which was excellent. He covers a large area of defense on the court, especially good at assisting defense and supplementary defense. He likes to use his 2.08 meter long arm to interfere with the opponents shooting and passing routes. Very positive, not giving up any chance to fight for the ball.

He is a very excellent fixed-point pitcher. In his sophomore season, the fixed-point shooting attack accounted for 38% of his total attack, and the average score of 1.063 points per round was more than 81% of NCAA players; the average score of catching and shooting was 1.282 points per round, more than 90% of the players. The three-point shooting rate of the University in two years was more than 40%, with a total of 168 shots of 70, which was very stable.

On the basis of good 3D, vassel is still developing his own offensive ability of holding the ball. From the data, his level as a pick and roll holder has reached the average level of University players. In the sophomore season, Wasser hit 39 of his jump shots after dribbling, while in his freshman year, he only hit one.

As a defensive player, Wassel is not omnipotent in defense. His explosive power and lower limb strength are insufficient, his body is too thin and his fighting ability is poor, which makes him be eaten by players who are not inferior to his own size or strong players in the case of one-on-one defense. For some time to come, vassel will need to gain weight and increase strength training in order to have better fighting ability.

At the same time, although the ability to assist in defense is one of Wassers most praiseworthy talents, it can also be a double-edged sword - he is a bit too active in assisting defense and always wants to leave his position to interfere with the ball holder. In NBA, the ability of players to read the form of the field is more than one level higher than that of University. Wassers impetuous performance is easy to be caught by opponents.

On the offensive side, vassels breakthrough and ending efficiency will also be affected by the lack of explosive power and confrontation ability. He cant start his first step to make his body position ahead of the defender, and he always wants to avoid confrontation. He seldom completes the layup under the basket. In most cases, he will choose to end the round with a sudden stop shot or a throw when he is halfway through the breakthrough.

NBA prospects

After entering the NBA, Wassers ability of assisting defense and catching and shooting can help him quickly win a position in the team and make contributions at both ends of attack and defense, but his defense concept may need to be readjusted. I believe that the team will not regard vassel as a pure 3D player, but cultivate his patience to see if he has the potential to become a qualified ball holder and increase more possibilities in the offensive end.

Vassels current ability is similar to that of Utah Jazzs Royce ONeill and former NBA season defensive lineup pick Saab cervasha. However, from the defensive start, hard work and the continuous improvement of the level of holding the ball, vassel also has some early career of the shadow of Jimmy Butler, perhaps his upper limit will be more stable projection level Butler?