Nix eighth pick tuoping inspirational grassroots counter attack ruling NCAA

 Nix eighth pick tuoping inspirational grassroots counter attack ruling NCAA

Last season, Tobin dominated the NCAA with his inexplicable performance and won the unanimous recognition of the outside world. He monopolized the Naismith award, John Wooden award, Karl Malone award, Oscar Robertson award, the Associated Press University player of the year award, the American Basketball Writers Association player of the year award, the American Association of coaches player of the year award and other individual awards, entered the Atlantic 10 league season and was elected player of the year.

Although the 22-year-old Tobin looked prominent for a while, behind these honors is his very dramatic inspirational basketball story.

Obitoppins collection of 2019-20 season (source: Netease sports)

Personal experience

When he graduated from tuoping high school, he did not receive any scholarship from any of the NCAA first-class alliance universities, because he was too mediocre at that time, he had no fame, and his academic performance was not good. Over the next two years, he traveled the field and, with the help of Godfather and coach Roderick Harrison, entered mount Zion prep school.

When he was a sophomore, tuopings height was only 1.93 meters, and his position on the field was also a guard. And in the next three years, something magical happened, and toepin, like a child chosen by God, was given a new giftu2014u2014

His height was 13 cm to 2.06 meters, and his weight increased by 9 kg. He gradually changed his playing style and became an interior player, showing his unique ability. After playing in preparatory school for a year, toepin attracted the attention of many famous NCAA schools, including Georgetown, Texas A & M, Texas Tech, and so on. Finally, he chose to join Dayton University.

After coming to university, toping continued his story of a losers counter attack. As a freshman, he won the best rookie in the Atlantic League 10, and his sophomore became the player of the year. He led Dayton University (29-2 in the season) to become the first team to win 18 games in nearly 35 years. Such performance also made topings draft prospects go up all the way, once considered to be able to be elected No.1 this year.

Tuopings flying style is very ornamental. 107 dunks in the season not only set the NCAA season record, but also broke the university history record of Dayton University. Because I didnt make a dunk in high school, when I got to college, I would have put the ball into the basket whenever I had a chance, toepin said Because of this, tuoping seized every dunk opportunity, also seized the opportunity to change his own destiny.

Scouting Report

Tobin is an all-round offensive player, which may be due to his youth as a defender. Good dribbling ability allows him to cheat opponents in the face frame attack, while in the breakthrough or back body, tuoping can also steadily distribute the ball to the defender.

He is the most efficient scorer in college basketball, no matter in positional warfare or conversion attack. Last season at Dayton, he averaged 1.169 points per offensive round, more than 98% of NCAA players. Topings vertical jump ability and terminal ability are excellent, is a huge pick and roll and air pick threat, the balance of left and right hand technology.

In addition to the threat of near frame, toeping is also constantly improving in the field of outside shooting. In the freshman season, the average three-point shooting of 21 out of 11 in the three-point line of the freshman season has increased to more than 2 times, 32 out of 82 shots in the season, with a shooting rate of 39%.


Toepins body shape will restrict his upper limit to a certain extent - his legs are too long and too thin, resulting in the lower limbs strength is insufficient and the center of gravity is too high, which makes him especially vulnerable when facing the opponents low position interior line at the defensive end. Last season, we can often see the scene of Torpin being devoured by a variety of heavy interior.

Although toepin looks physically good, its only reflected in his ability to run and jump vertically. Tuopings explosive power and starting speed is not excellent, when anti pick and roll, it is easy to be thrown behind by the opponents defender or even the interior line.

In addition, catching and shooting is not tuopings strong point, although his outside shooting percentage seems to be good, in fact, he made 24 of 63 shots in catching and shooting last season, with a shooting rate of only 38.1%. He is not a qualified low scorer, lack of low post skills and the use of footwork.

NBA prospects

Referring to his NBA template, toepin said: a lot of people say I have the body of Amar Stoudemire and play a little bit like al hofford because he can open up space by shooting. But unfortunately, Tobins physical condition doesnt seem to make him an excellent single defender. His positioning may be closer to John Collins and Aron Gordon, who are dynamic power forwards who end in the basket.