The sixth order of the Hawks chose okungu to wear No.21 to commemorate his brother who passed away

 The sixth order of the Hawks chose okungu to wear No.21 to commemorate his brother who passed away

Okungu wore the number 21 Jersey in high school and college, which has a special significance for him - his brother, annamdy okungu, was also a talented potential player who played at chinogun high school, but died in 2014 when he was skateboarding. After that, Oneka took his brothers number and continued his basketball journey with two peoples dreams.

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Personal experience

Just as weishao commemorates his late friend Kelsey BALs III, okungu has a wristband that says, annamdy okungu, number 21, we will never forget you.. Before and after the game, okungudu will sit quietly on the seat in the dressing room, kiss the wristband and miss his brother.

Okungu and his brother are in the same position. They are both inside players. His signature movements on the court, such as baseline breakthrough, turn and double hand dunk, were taught by his brother when he was a child. According to okungu, his brother practiced for several weeks to master the movement, and he did it very smoothly from the first attempt, which is enough to reflect his extraordinary basketball talent.

My brother is always boasting that I will become much better than him in the future. Everything between us is so similar, looks, sounds, bodies, barbell laughter We all dreamed of winning the state championship at Chino high school, then playing in South Carolina and finally in the NBA

Okungu did it. He helped chinogan win three state championships in high school, and was elected California high school basketball player for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. Although his fame is not as good as the three Bauer brothers of the same team, as the guardian God of the forbidden area behind the three brothers of the ball family, his unique talent has also been noticed. After graduating from high school, he was recruited by South Carolina coach Andy Enfield.

In the rookie season of USC, okungu is still the most brilliant of his peers. His average score, rebounds and shooting rate are all ranked in the top 10 of the freshmen in the United States, and his 2.71 blocked shots are also ranked No.1. Now, participating in the NBA draft and being selected successfully not only fulfilled his dream, but also fulfilled the dream that his brother failed to realize.

Scouting Report


Okungu is a very comprehensive defender. He is very active in defense, and has both single defense and cooperative defense ability. He likes to change defense for small players in the defense of pick and roll. With a big heart and beyond the age of maturity, often lock up opponents at critical moments, the Universitys first show sent out eight hot pot, equating the university history block record.

Okungus contribution and ability in the offensive side is underestimated. Although he does not have the ability to shoot from the outside, he creates many opportunities with his own enthusiasm and running position. During his college years, he completed the attack by three ways: pick and roll, cut through the air and change the attack. The average score of each round exceeded 1.15 points, which is a very excellent data. In addition, he is also a good low position offensive player, which is his most used offensive style in college. He can get an average of 1.09 points per round, more than 93% of NCAA players.

In addition to these, okungu is also very happy to play the role of green leaf, his pick and roll and cover quality is very high, in the card position and rebound is also quite accomplished, sometimes even for the guards to send some unexpected second pass.


As the core of the teams interior defense, okungu seems to lack communication and tacit understanding with the teams defenders. Sometimes, okungu in the defensive pick and roll process is too active, resulting in his and his own teams position overlap, so that the opponent appeared big open position.

During his college years, okungu would be placed in the center position in some cases, but his height of 2.06 meters and the arm length of 2.16 meters were obviously not enough. Whether attacking or defending, he could not take advantage of those seven foot long men. From the technical level, he should also strengthen his low position.

NBA prospects

In this draft, okungu is an insurance card, his blue collar skills package can let him plug and play after entering the NBA, get a more stable playing time. If okungu can accumulate experience and let his peripheral projection ability evolve, then he will become the core of the team inside the possibility of greatly increased.

Whether in terms of physical hardware or technology, okungudu is very similar to BAM Adebayor three years ago. He is also a little bit like a little Jaran Jackson whose shooting ability is yet to be developed, but his ability under the basket is more excellent, with infinite potential. But if his skills dont improve, he may end up as a role player like his university of Southern California student, ty Gibson.