Huang Rihua and his daughter accompanied him to see the doctor. After his wifes death, he insisted on not marrying her again

 Huang Rihua and his daughter accompanied him to see the doctor. After his wifes death, he insisted on not marrying her again

Huang Rihua, 59, was hit hard in May this year. His wife, Liang Jiehua, who has been in love for 40 years, died of organ failure due to blood cancer. In fact, Liang Jiehua was found to be ill as early as 2013. Since then, Huang Rihua has reduced his work and spent more time with his wife.

After his wifes death, Huang Rihua once told the media that he had thought of suicide in the face of his lovers departure for many years, and it was difficult to face the future alone.

In addition, he said: he will never marry again in his life. He will live with his daughter and witness her marriage and give birth to children.

Recently, Huang Rihua and her daughter appeared in the hospital and were photographed. They stayed in the clinic for about 45 minutes.

During this period, they went back to Huangpu to take care of the doctor.

Huang Rihua, Hong Kong actor, China. Like many Hong Kong artists, they have entered the entertainment industry by participating in wireless training courses. When he was young, he was handsome and handsome. He was called wireless five tigers together with Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Miao Qiaowei and Tang Zhenye. He was one of the representatives of Hong Kong in the 1980s.

For many mainland audiences, the most impressive is his performance of Tianlong Babu, the role of Qiao Feng has become a classic, bearing the memories of a generation of youth.

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Chivalrous and tender! Huang Rihua said he wanted to commit suicide after his wifes death: to avoid her loneliness

On November 14, Netease Entertainment reported that Huang Rihua was interviewed by Hong Kong media, the first interview six months after his wife Liang Jiehua died. He shared his feelings and thoughts during that sad period. Facing the departure of his lover who has been accompanying him for many years, Huang Rihua, who is affectionate, says he wants to commit suicide and is hard to face the future alone.

Huang Rihua confessed that he suffered a great blow after his wifes death, and his lifelong lover died of this illness. Although he had made adequate preparations, he could only choose to accept it. I cant control my emotions every night. I feel that the whole world no longer belongs to me, and my own day is gone. I cant face myself, and I have no confidence to face the future.

His wife was suddenly found to have a bad disease, and the whole family made great efforts to cope with it. Huang Rihua, who is over 50 years old, looked for a doctor everywhere and took out all his savings to treat his wife. He spent 2 million yuan in only half a year. Because he was in love with his wife and didnt want her to suffer from chemotherapy, he chose to spend hundreds of thousands more on special drugs, but he failed to stay with his wife for a long time. At that time, Huang Rihua had to worry about his wifes illness every day. In order to make money, he would also run around the country, losing 20 jin.

At that time, I only wanted to deal with the affairs behind my wife first, and then I went to the toilet to choose to end my life. In this way, I could go with her and she would not be lonely again.

Huang Rihua said that he had thought about friends and family, but at that time, he really had no way to convince himself. The whole person collapsed and was totally out of control. I once tried not to go out for a week and hid in the toilet to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day.

Huang Rihua tearfully all day, even his wife is not at ease. He wants his daughter to take good care of his father and tells him to live a good life.

Its not easy to get out of the state of suicide. Huang Rihua said that his good brothers had been around him all the time, accompanying him to play ball, and then slowly came out of the shadow.

Huang Rihua revealed that his third brother, Miao Qiaowei, took care of himself in private and took the initiative to take him to his home for dinner many times. Besides, Chen Baixiang and Tan Yonglin were also playing football with him on purpose. The people around me are all good positive energy, plus the emotion above, there is daughter Huang Zhiqing accompanying him, so I can slowly walk out of the pain of his wifes death.

In 1980, Huang Rihua met Liang Jiehua, a senior sister of the wireless arts training class, and developed into a couple. In November 1982, they had their first public love affair.

In August 1985, Huang Rihua admitted to breaking up with Liang Jiehua by agreement in July; in 1987, Huang Rihua and Liang Jiehua reunited. On December 7, 1988, Huang Rihua and Liang Jiehua officially married. In 1990, Huang Rihuas daughter, Huang Zhiqing, was born. She has been praised as a good man in the circle.

Huang Rihua: the first week is the most difficult. You should get used to ones life. You cant feel the company of relatives around you. More often than not, its just a person in the past, a person facing everything.

In fact, after her mother died, Huang Zhiqing sent an article to take care of the old man who had accompanied her mother for more than 40 years (referring to her father Huang Rihua). At that time, Huang Zhiqing told her father not to be too sad. Everyone would take this step. She believed that her mother had gone to heaven and everyone would get together in heaven, but she had already taken a step.

On Huang Rihuas 60th birthday, her daughter, Huang Zhiqing, also made a picture of her mother before she died and gave it to her father. Now father and daughter are out of the grief of losing their loved ones, and they are actively invigorating their lives and putting that concern in their hearts.

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After her mother died, Huang Zhiqing took a picture of her father and daughter for the first time. Huang Rihua lost a lot of weight

Netease Entertainment reported on October 7 that Huang Zhiqing, Huang Rihuas daughter, updated her social news on October 6, and wrote a lament that she had time to bring her father out. This is also the first time Huang Zhiqing has shown her father and daughters group photo after Liang Jiehuas death. In the photo, Huang Rihua is wearing a gray short sleeve shirt with a small cake in his hand. His face is shining with a bright smile. He looks very energetic, but he is obviously losing a lot of weight.

It is reported that Huang Rihuas wife, Liang Jiehua, died of illness on May 26 at the age of 59. On June 14, Huang Rihua and his daughter, Huang Zhiqing, accompanied by many friends, held a funeral ceremony for his wife Liang Jiehua and said goodbye to his wife for the last time.

Huang Rihua and Liang Jiehua were very affectionate and married in 1988. After Mrs. Huang Rihua was diagnosed with leukemia, Huang Rihua stopped work immediately in order to take care of her. Until 2015, his wife got better. During this period, Huang Rihua often accompanied his wife to follow-up visits. In 2018, Liang Jiehua underwent bone marrow transplantation. Although the operation was successful, Liang Jiehua still died. After his wifes death, Huang Rihua publicly said that he would not marry again for the rest of his life and bought a cemetery to be buried with his wife in the future. On the day of his wifes funeral, he wrote a farewell letter saying that marrying Liang Jiehua was the most successful thing in his life.

August 4 is Liang Jiehuas ghost birthday. Huang Zhiqing, her daughter, presented her own costumes and music scores on the social platform. She wrote: although its not perfect, I hope you like it. I wish you health, happiness and carefree! Keep singing Huang Zhiqing also prepared a delicate cake and bouquet for her mother.

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