Tang Shens fathers mood is very pessimistic

 Tang Shens fathers mood is very pessimistic

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People close to the matter say clays in bad shape LeBron: hope is just a little problem

When Thompson suffered knee anterior cruciate ligament tear injury in the 2019 finals, the season reimbursement, old Thompson can still be optimistic, said clay will be stronger after recovery, warrior reporter also said, old Thompson has always been an optimistic person, but today he is not so optimistic..

To win the championship, they have to have curry and Thompson. They cant win without Stephen or clay.

Smith also said: they can say the playoffs, they can say they are looking forward to the new season, they can say that the ticket income, but if the water flower brothers are one less, there is no way to win. The warriors have to have both of them. Theyre the best backcourt combination weve ever seen

The warriors did not disclose the specific severity of Thompsons injury, but judging from the fact that many players have already sent prayers, the situation may be really not optimistic.