Champion of the Chinese speaking list! The University of Wiseman was banned for bribery

 Champion of the Chinese speaking list! The University of Wiseman was banned for bribery

In the 2019 draft, pol - pol was considered as the top five candidates for a period of time, but due to the injury season only played five games, finally fell to the 40th place. In 2018, Mitchell Robinson University chose to drop out of the top 10 five-star high school in high school, and was only selected in the 36th place. The two potential centers ranking has declined significantly compared with the expected.

But also has not experienced the university basketball experience for a long time, Wiseman is still selected in such a high position, how good is his talent at 19? Why did he play only three games in the university?

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James Wisemans 2019-20 season collection (source: Netease sports)

Personal experience

When it comes to James Wiseman, NBA star Penny Hardaway is the most closely related person in his high school and college years. Hardaway is Wisemans mentor. Wiseman became attached to penny when he took part in eybl (Nike elite youth league) in his sophomore year, and then transferred to Memphis East high school taught by penny. There, Penny helped his beloved Wiseman grow up to be the No. 1 high school student in the United States; but he also bribed the Wiseman family, which led to the suspension of Wiseman in college, and they parted in a bad mood.

In the summer of 2019, one year after Hathaway became head of Memphis University, Wiseman graduated from high school and chose to join the University of Memphis. But after only three games in the University, NCAA ruled that Wiseman was bribed because coach penny Hadaway paid $11500 in 2017 to help the Wiseman family move. Although Wiseman himself was not aware of the matter, he was still sentenced to a 12 game suspension.

The NCAA said that if Wiseman could donate the $11500 voluntarily to charity, he would be able to return after a 12 match ban. But such a heavy penalty made Wiseman and his team lose patience. Out of many considerations, after missing seven games due to suspension, Wiseman announced that he would drop out of Memphis University and sign his agent to start preparing for the 2020 NBA draft.

Interestingly, according to Wiseman himself, he had studied Chinese for a period of time in high school and could speak some Mandarin. He thought learning Chinese was a cool thing and he loved Chinese culture and Chinese food.

Scouting Report


Wisemans physical hardware conditions are excellent, with a height of 2.16 meters and an arm span of 2.29 meters, it is perfect for the inside players. His athletic ability and moving speed ensure that he can adapt to the characteristics and rhythm of the game even in the era of small balls.

Wisemans offensive means are too simple, scoring almost all rely on pick and roll to eat cake and the second attack, at the same time, his attack choice has a big problem, the game mentality also needs to be adjusted, often like to show dribble randomly or use ultra-low efficiency to pull the middle distance to end. In the words of Kevin OConnor, an expert on the ringer website, Wisemans way of playing seems to be that he thinks of himself as the next Dirk Nowitzki, but hes really a rough guy.

Wiseman needs to improve the player and position sense in defense. His reading level of the situation is very poor. Although he can defend in some cases, he is not a qualified team player. In the process of defensive pick and roll, he cant predict the opponents next move very well, and looks a little slow. In addition, the lack of lower limb strength made him more difficult to position in the heavy interior line.

NBA prospects

In the first few years after coming to the NBA, Wiseman may be first assigned to the role of interior defender by the team, so that he can help the team in his defense and gradually accumulate experience, and his responsibility in the offensive side is relatively simple. If he can develop a certain shooting ability and improve his shooting choice in a few years, then he will probably grow into an all-round player who can make contributions at both ends of attack and defense, which is also the greatest expectation of NBA team for him. But if Wiseman cant get rid of his bad habits and master more new skills, his repeated mistakes in pursuit of data are likely to be taken as a data brush.

For James Wiseman, de Andre Jordan will be his development goal. He may become a gorgeous version of little Jordan with better offensive performance, but he may also become a player who is doubted that Hasan Whiteside or Javier McKee has not enough influence on the game.