Happy? Fan Bingbing takes care when she goes to maternity hospital

 Happy? Fan Bingbing takes care when she goes to maternity hospital

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Happy? Fan Bingbings appearance in maternity hospital arouses speculation

Houchang village reported on November 19 that Fan Bingbing, the former great Fan Ye, is now feeling like this? A few days ago, Xiaoshe saw Fan Bingbing come out at the gate of a womens and childrens Hospital in Shanghai.

On that day, she was a little bit fatter than before. She was a little bit thinner than before.

After chatting with a friend, she planned to get on the bus, but was stopped by the lady in black. After saying a few words, Bingbing told the driver to leave first, and then took a Rolls Royce with the lady in black to eat in a vegetarian restaurant.

After dinner, Fan Bingbing did not wear a mask. Xiaoshe found that Bingbing was plain on that day, but her skin was white and shining in the dark. Fan Bingbing was holding her shoulder and chatting with her friends. She was in a good mood and state.

When Fan Bingbing side over body, small community found Fan Bingbing abdomen slightly raised, I do not know if she ate too much or how to return a responsibility?

After Bingbings car came, she signaled to her friends that the car was coming, and then took her own business car back to the hotel.

On the 17th, Fan Bingbing appeared on the red carpet of the film Hero ceremony. She was dressed in a black and gold dress, which was elegant, but also loose, and covered her abdomen perfectly.

The gossip group checked the womens and childrens hospital that Bing Bingjie went to. The hospital is a high-end private womens and childrens Hospital in Shanghai. It has obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics. It mainly focuses on pregnancy and childbirth, and also has a maternity center. On the propaganda page of the hospital, the introduction of Princess like pregnancy and childbirth trip is written, focusing on the features of protecting mothers privacy and high-end pregnancy and nursing experience.

Although after breaking up with Li Chen, Fan Bingbing has not announced a new relationship, but there are rumors that she has a new lover. On the evening of September 25, Fan Bingbing showed a group of beautiful photos of herself on the social platform. She was still domineering when she put on her red lips in the mirror with light makeup. She was still hard to hide her beauty by putting out various death angles on the camera. Her long black hair was very popular. Many fans have left messages below, Fan Bingbing is also happy to pet powder, reply to dozens of comments to interact with you.

Among them, one fan left a message saying, are you with your brother-in-law this week after your birthday? The word brother-in-law directly exposes Fan Bingbings new love affair, while Fan Bingbings response is you Dont talk, this short five words did not deny the fans disclosure, on the contrary, it had a kind of shyness and playfulness of a little girl, suspected to have confirmed her new love story. After getting Fan Bingbings flop, the fan said again, this is the last one I want her to overturn. The secret should be well guarded.. The interaction between the two is really intriguing. Many netizens said that brother in law can have it..

Not long ago, Fan Bingbing also showed a picture of himself wearing a big powder diamond. Fan Bingbings ring is worth 22 million yuan, and Fan Bingbings pink diamond ring is worth 22 million yuan. Fan Bingbings pink diamond ring with a 7-carat eye-shaped pink diamond ring is extremely rare, and the pink diamond on Fan Bingbings hand is worth 22 million yuan, so the value should be higher.

The fans also wrote that I believe it wont be long before my sister will say it openly and honestly, and finally, its time to bless you..

Lets take a look at Bing Bing Bings abdomen. Whats the situation?

Source: Houchang village, responsible editor: Li Si_ NBJ11322