Artest was attacked secretly instead of talking about martial morality? Sixteen years ago, the conflict at Auburn hill was fried by a glass of wine

 Artest was attacked secretly instead of talking about martial morality? Sixteen years ago, the conflict at Auburn hill was fried by a glass of wine

Just three minutes after the first three minutes, the Pacers starting point guard Tinsley could not hold his left leg after two games and had to replace Anthony Johnson. On the field to cut 33 points Hamilton pacer coach. Carlisle fear, the first quarter he let the defense end before the main opposition double Wallace Artest began to entangle Hamilton. Affected by this, masked mans no ball was greatly disturbed, only by the free throw to win a point, piston attack paralyzed to 17 for 3, and Walkers 19 for 10 seems to let the audience see a ray of glory different from this series.

But the light swept away with the second quarter: for three and a half minutes, both teams failed, and the score was still 27-24 with less than a minute left in the half-time. Too much confrontation means more physical consumption, the layup is not in the middle, the two teams play iron frequently, and the game is back to the stone age. In the first half, the two teams scored 60 points; the pistons shot 10 of 42 shots in the half-time, 23.8%; and the Pacers scored 10 points in the second quarter, which was the lowest record in the playoffs. (the total 134 points of the two teams were the second lowest in history, and the first in history was 130 points created by pistons and Celtics in 2002, 64-66)

In the words of Tinsleys last game, if Naismith knew that basketball had been played like this by us, he would have to turn over in the grave.

In the third quarter, the two sides finally changed a little. The pacer barely entered the last quarter by 4 points with Johnsons three-point pressure. So far, he has played very well, and Billups has not hit a single shot in eight times. But overdraft ahead of time has hidden dangers for pedestrians. The thickness of their flanks and the depth of the lineup have always been the strength of the Pacers, as well as the capital for them to maintain the expansion of defense area and high-intensity pressure on the ball holders. However, physical fitness and injury have become the constraints of the team, and the hope can only be placed on Artest.

After the game, Artest complained like a girl: he elbowed me in the stomach, I just raised my arm to defend myself, it was he who bumped into my hand.

Hamilton was elated: Im glad Ive been hit, and sometimes its a blow that makes you more focused. This is not the case. Liang Zi has ended up like this.

ONeal, on the other hand, hugged the pistons with great grace and said at a news conference: we are too young and lack of experience in this kind of situation. If this failure has taught us anything, it is undoubtedly experience. Were going to make a comeback next year.

Because of this, the teams only veteran, Indiana totem Reggie Miller, also decided to play for another year. Although the pistons won the championship, the Pacers have reason to believe that their future is just as bright.

8:00 p.m., November 19, 2004

Auburn Hill Palace stadium, Auburn hill, Detroit, MI

I told my players that all you got to the finals was to misjudge this damned injury.

u2014u2014Larry Bird, general manager of Walker

Half a year later, the two teams met for the first time, and the defending champion pistons were not in good condition after the start of the game, only 4-3. As for the Pacers, although Shaquille ONeal and Artest both had absenteeism records, Miller had not played at all, but Stephen Jackson, the new recruit who replaced Harrington, played fairly well. The team was 6-2. As the media and fans expected, it became one of the top teams in the East.

Artest kept a good start to the season, receiving Tinsleys pass and jump shot, scoring 17 points in a single quarter. Dinsleys five steals in the half also reminded the pistons that they passed the Pacers last season, which was due to his hamstring.

The pistons, who were 20 points behind in the first half, were close to five points in the early fourth quarter. But they missed eight shots in a row, and the three-point run by crosshill and Jackson pulled the score back to 14 points, and the pistons couldnt catch up.

Towards the end of the game, I heard someone say to Ron, you can find one now (find a guy who has had a dispute and give him a foul). (Artest himself said afterwards that his professional attitude did not allow him to let water at any time.) Jackson went on, but Ron seems to have got the wrong match. Big Bens big brother just died, and hes in grief.

When the game is over, I dont think how many people in the League will hurt others. Its a little unusual, and I think thats probably why we would have reacted like that.

u2014u2014Pistons coach Larry Brown said.

Just after Ben Wallaces innocuous layup, Artest sneaked him down with a vicious move. After that, the time of the race was always 45.9 seconds, with the Pacers 97-82 pistons.

Ben Wallace turned and pushed Artest almost from the paint area to the three-point line and rushed up to dry him. Between the two protagonists, of course, there was no fight between the referee, the players and the coach.

The Pacers were all out. Jackson tried to protect his teammates and end the fight. But Lindsey hunt and Hamilton, who looked at the pistons, still had some ideas. They nagged at the sidelines. He rushed forward and said, you really dont respect people, man. I want to end this thing, but if anyone of you wants to fight, Ill play with you.

Hunt later recalled: I was stopping Hamilton, he was my good brother. Im old and dont want to fight. I said to Jackson, Hey, I know you dont want to fight in front of so many people. Ive been boxing for 9-10 years, and that doesnt scare me

In the end, although the war between the two sides in the back field was at full swing, there was no major conflict between the two sides.

At this time, Ben Wallace has been opened by Rashid Wallace, and it seems that there will be no more problems.

However, we have ignored the initiator of this fight, Artest.

When there was friendly communication, he lay down on the technical platform, looking like a tiger fighting in the mountains.

u2014u2014Mark Boyle, reporter for walkers radio

But things are easier said than done. As you know, Artest has a lot of neurotic behavior. He was born in New Yorks famous queens block. His father was a former Navy soldier, semi professional boxer, and now a full-time drunkard. This excellent growth environment and outstanding genetic factors also made Artest infected with mania when he was 8 years old. The stadium is his hospital, otherwise hes either in prison or in a mental hospital, his college teammates later said As this person said, Artest has not entered the NBA, because he missed the rookie training meeting was fined.

Then came his excellent resume

In the summer of 2001, Jordan inspected the level of the bulls as usual, and then was knocked two muscles and bones by Artest.

In January 2003, he set the middle finger with heat coach Pat Riley; after losing to the Knicks in the same month, he smashed a Madison camera.

Next month, at the players Union dinner, in front of Clinton, fight James Posey.

We are trying to quell the chaos, but it seems unlikely. As long as Artest and Big Ben stay away from each other, we dont think it will escalate. Then we can study who should be expelled before the game starts Assistant referee on duty, donessey

But there are also some risks. Usually, the fans are in the audience, the players are in the stadium, both sides are in each others area, and there are some verbal exchanges. And Artest enters a gray zone. Fortunately, everything hasnt happened yet, but Big Bens arm guard thrown at Artest seems to have turned on some switch.

As he lay on the scorers desk, the natural barrier disappeared. There is no barrier between you and the crowd. Usually, this is the players bench. Or you have to climb over the chair or over the scoreboard - which requires you to avoid doing crazy things. u2014u2014Tom Wilson, piston CEO

I never thought about hitting anyone. The day I threw the cup, I forgot the laws of physics. I hope no one throws anything at the palace again.

u2014u2014John Green, a beer fan at Artest

While I was lying on the ground, a piece of ice and glass liquid hit me in the chest and face. After that, its self-defense.


Its hard for anyone to accept something thrown in the face without retaliation.


Less than a minute after Artest lay on the scoreboard, a glass of beer was instantly thrown on him. A slap, soon, Artest immediately sober up, like a tiger in front of the sheep, regardless of Boyle in front of him, a foot in the past, rushed to the stage, caught a fan named Michael Ryan and asked: did you do it? He was caught before he could make a move at the first time. John Green, who actually threw the glass, tried to catch Artest from behind. Suddenly the scene is chaotic, Jackson enters with Artest and knocks down the fans who splash water twice.

After the event by Chinese fans as martial saint Stephen Jackson is an old expert in this respect. He had no ball to play after the draft and had to go to South America to make a living. There is a lot of chaos there, and fans will rush into the field to attack the visiting players at any time in the away game.

But this time it was a little different, Jackson said: people dont understand how it feels to be with someone you call a teammate. In a season, you spend more time with your teammates than with your family. How can you expect me not to help him, even if he was wrong? At that time, I couldnt tolerate knowing that my teammates were fighting in the stands and I didnt help him

He continued: my first reaction was to get Ron. But when I jumped into the stands, another guy threw beer in his face. I immediately retaliated. I dont regret being around my teammates, but I regret standing in the stands and fighting with the fans, which is totally wrong. But you dont think about that when you put your brothers people in danger. The only thing you want is to go out and help him. Thats the definition of a teammate. Unite and fight for your teammates. As Duncan said, Im the ultimate teammate. A lot of people think Im a thug in there. All I have in mind is that my teammates are fighting in the stands and Im going to be with him. When I took the first step into the stands, I knew that there would be no doubt that there would be bitter consequences behind it. But as long as I know that my teammate is alive and healthy, I can deal with the consequences, instead of standing on the court watching him, worrying about my career and money, and hes sitting there bleeding and dying

Naturally, the pistons did not sit idly by. Hamilton wanted to be in the audience, but was pulled by his teammates. Big Bens brother, David Wallace, punched Fred Jones in the back, who was already in the audience.

Rashid Wallace stood on the scoreboard trying to calm the incident, but it didnt seem to work. He went to the audience again and tried to pull people apart. He is the calmest of these people who has eaten the most skilled criminals. The venerable pistons coach Larry Brown picked up the microphone and wanted to shout something, because the whole scene was so ugly that he simply put down the microphone.

After 40 seconds, Artest was finally pulled down by the coaching team headed by Mike Brown. However, two fans (shakelford and Harry Haddad) wearing piston jerseys blatantly in front of him and put on a posture of coming to war. Artest killed the two young men who didnt speak martial arts with one stone.

Then, ONeal rushed to Haddads face like Ultraman. All the people present were sweating for the fan, ESPN reporter Gray said: if that punch is powerful, one punch may kill him.

Fortunately, there was still some beer on the ground that had not been cleaned up. ONeill slipped, and the punch didnt give strength, but hit the fans side.

Its like were stuck in a gladiator situation where the fans are lions and were just trying to get out of the environment. Thats how it felt at the time. There is no exit. You have to survive the Jedi.

u2014u2014Chuck person, senior assistant to the president of Walker

Miller: weve got Ron Artest under control. They came. Im going to spray gas. I said to them, no, were under control. My clothes are worth hundreds of dollars.

They took Artest out of the stadium first. Jackson and ONeal and their assistant coach Mike Brown were not so lucky.

All kinds of popcorn, all kinds of liquids, all kinds of cleaning tools hit them together. When ONeal was halfway there, he ran into a drink throwing fan, and he had to go forward, but he was facing a flying chair.

Tinsley went back to the dressing room, picked up the dustpan and rushed out... Trying to rescue ONeal.

Among all the exits, Jackson left a proud figure. He didnt miss and didnt flash. Instead, he threw his shirt and yelled to the fans: come on, throw it. What do you want to do?

The most interesting part of the whole process was the conversation between Artest and Jackson

Jack, do you think were in trouble? Made Tinsley laugh.

The events of last nights game were shocking, disgusting, unforgivable - a humiliation for everyone involved in the NBA. That explains why our players cant get into the stands, no matter what provocation or malice from the people watching the game. Our investigation is in progress and is expected to be completed tomorrow night.

Larry Bird said what he thought afterwards, thinking Artest would be banned for 10 games. However, the grapevine pointed out that Stern would hurt the killer this time, so he changed the psychological bearing bottom line to 30 games.

But as soon as the punishment came out, even bird was surprised. Artest this season has several games count several games, all banned, deducting all wages. Led by him, nine players suspended 146 games, deducting a total of $10 million in wages. (ONeals ban was reduced from 25 to 15 because he stayed on the court, not in the audience.)

What Matteo cares more than a ban is that he will lose $7 million: I still cant believe it. I want to get back one million. Its not because of me. Ive lost a lot of investment and a couple of ads, and they havent even started yet.

Jackson was more calm: I think stern has helped us enough. He could have kicked us out of the league. Id rather lose three million to keep my job than vice versa.

As Jackson said, the penalty is not serious. The incident had a huge impact on the leagues image, far beyond the specific teams and players involved that night, and it seemed to break the deep ties that had taken decades for communities and teams to build. If you think about the way the fans in the video dont know what to do with their hands. After many years of watching the walkers shirt again, they may have a psychological shadow.

Just as no party is innocent, there is no winner in this battle.

December 25, 2004 12:30 noon consecco stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana

Originally, the play of the Christmas War was a sequel to the Eastern Conference finals last season, but the incident at the palace of Auburn Hill added more gimmicks to the contest. In addition to Artest, everyone appeared on the field at that time. ONeill also ushered in his debut after his suspension. Safety is the theme of this game. Although Ben Wallace will still cause boos when he takes the ball, the gentleman does not do it, and the two teams play very friendly. Rashid Wallace also gave his hair band to the walkers fans after the game. The whole stadium has been exuding a peaceful atmosphere.

Jackson signs pistons fans before G1 in 2005 Eastern semifinals

Even in the playoffs, the Pacers were 44-38 after three cores were banned for 118 games, and won the Boston pistons Eastern semi-final in the garden in the first round. I thought that the love and hatred of the two sides and the playoffs as a catalyst will let the game enter the turbulent waves again.

Thats exactly what I want. I want to see the pistons and Im sure the pistons think the same, ONeal said before the game.

But when they came to the game, the two teams were very civilized. The process of the game is certainly not surprising, no matter how tenacious the Pacers are, they are finally eliminated by pistons 4-2 without Artest. But judging from the attitude of the audience and the fans on both sides, the impact of that incident is declining a little bit.

Unfortunately, Pacers 39 year old comrade Reggie Miller played the last game of his career. Think of Miller gnashing teeth last year said to play another year, think of this season to the teams bad atmosphere, have to say really for him is not worth.

You think its over? no

ONeal Jr. was back and forth hearing in Detroit about the incident he caused, while Artest was absent-minded and still focused on his figure and album sales. This makes the teammates angry enough, the most exasperating is that Artest is still making trouble in the team, asking the management for a deal.

Give me more rights, this is my team!

Im going to make a record. Im going to ask for leave!

I wont work for Carlisle. Trade me quickly.

I said the wrong thing. Let me stay.

Pacers president Downey Walsh was the first contact on his team. Walsh was puzzled: his brother stood up for him because of that. Now, he came forward and said he wanted to be traded, which really put the team in a completely disadvantageous situation. They all feel that after he really hurt the team, he wants to leave again

Byrd used to bite his teeth in support of Artest at the beginning of the season, but later he became speechless: I dont know if its appropriate, but I do feel betrayed, which makes me very disappointed. Weve done enough for Ron and now its time to prepare for the team

Jackson agreed: I feel betrayed. We take risks for you with our career and salary, and you tell us this one year? After all, it was Rons decision. We are still lucky to play in the NBA and still have jobs. A monkey is constantly performing. Thats our attitude. We can achieve our goals without him. Since then, my most respected person has been big Ben. Now, were going to shake hands and talk before the game. I respect him and there is nothing wrong with what Ben has done. Artest did something that only an idiot can do. He was really selfish. Ben was just protecting himself.

As Jackson said, Artests decision made his teammates feel that the walkers, who had not been destroyed by the events at Auburn mountain palace, were slowly falling apart.

ONeal said: after that fight, we had a lot of problems and situations off the court. It was no longer right. Walsh went to New York to prove that.

In the end, Artest was traded to the king in February 2006, Stephen Jackson went to the warriors in February 2007, and ONeill went to the Raptors in February 2008, and this generation of walkers fell apart. From 2006 to 2011, the Pacers attendance at home, which was not big enough, has been suffering, and even dropped to the bottom of the league. But for the team culture has been tough for them, put bad this kind of thing no longer exists, has been to this day is also a playoff regular.

Compared with Artests apology to the Pacers top management and former teammates for not itching after winning the championship in 2010, ONeal cares more about the stability of fans and Indiana community

I feel that if I dont leave - thats one of the toughest decisions Ive made - that team will never get out of the shadow of the palace at Auburn hill. I live in Indiana, where you can walk into a restaurant and youll find that people there love you so much that when youre ready to pay, youll find that the bill has been paid. When you go to other places, there is so much love there, and I was one of them. Its a hard-working town where people turn on their TV to watch games every day when they go home from work, because these games have become a part of their lives. As well as getting through the shock of Mount Auburn palace, they also experienced many tough times. Indiana has one of the highest unemployment rates in the United States. So, these people also face a lot of difficulties for them.

Source: Houchang village sports team Author: Moffett, editor in charge: Zhou Juntao_ NS4573