All the way! TVB love to go home

 All the way! TVB love to go home

It is understood that after Liu Sufang passed away, her family took care of her affairs behind her and sent her on her last journey. And the news of her death was that her husband informed relatives and friends of his death in the group.

In love to go home, Liu Sufang often thinks that she is Feng Yingying, the big island. In the 937 episode, Feng Yingying does a guest performance and two people perform together, which is a good story for a time. In addition, Liu Sufang graduated from the art training course for Asian TV. She has hosted many programs, such as good morning everyone and colorful talk of Hong Kong. She is the first female host of six colors.

Feng Yingying said in an interview: the news is so good and sudden that I feel very sorry to hear it. Before I guest starred in love. Im lucky to cooperate with her, although I dont talk much and I dont know her physical condition. But shes nice, and shes very happy with her cooperation. I hope her family can change their situation.

Director Li Lishi also sent a micro blog to mourn: mourning for the loss of good friends, the bolt from the blue has not been accepted, he also said, Liu Sufangs family has arranged for the aftercare and cremation.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251