No more hiding! Chen he shares his wife Zhang Zixuans video for the first time

 No more hiding! Chen he shares his wife Zhang Zixuans video for the first time

Netease Entertainment reported on November 18, on the night of November 17, Chen he posted a video dynamic on his personal social platform, showing his wife Zhang Zixuan for the first time.

Recently, Chen hes partner Huang Xuans TV series aiming is coming to an end, and Chen Hefas dynamic farewell to the new play. He also showed a video of eating supper, and said in his essay: its time to switch back to the food mode when the work is over.

To the surprise of netizens, Zhang Zixuan, Chen hes wife, also left the country. It is reported that this is the first time that Chen he has brought Zhang Zixuan to the stage in five years of marriage. Although he has no face, netizens are very sure that this is Zhang Zixuan himself, even the nail color is right!

Chen he has two marriages. The first one is Xu Jing, who met in junior high school. They married in January 2013 after 13 years of love. In January 2015, Chen he was exposed as a suspected divorce news report. Since then, Chen he published a long micro blog I was wrong to confirm the divorce rumors.

The second marriage was with Zhang Zixuan. It is reported that after Chen he and Zhang Zixuan announced their relationship, they have been subject to controversy over cheating and junior three. This is also an important reason why husband and wife have not shown their love openly.

Previously reported

Zhang Zixuan revealed that her 9-month-old daughter had more than 20 catties, and Chen he was a good eater

Netease Entertainment reported on October 22, Zhang Zixuan rarely talked about the differences between her two daughters in a trumpet post on October 22, and revealed that her younger daughter was only 9 months old and had already reached more than 20 jin. She wrote: I dont know if its the case with all the babies in two child families. The elder sister is a baby with high demand. She is picky, afraid of strangers and has her own temper. My sister was born only 5.8 kg. She grew to more than 20 kg in nine months with her own skills. She was big and strong. She could hardly hear her crying (occasionally humming). She was infected by her sister for several times. She had runny nose for a few days. She could eat almost anything she gave. She started to eat shrimp today (my sister has not eaten a mouthful of seafood so far), and she is also a foodie The old fathers tears are coming down A description is also full of maternal love.

In 2016, Zhang Zixuan gave birth to her eldest daughter, Anan, and gave birth to her youngest daughter in March this year. After she married Chen he and gave birth to a child, Zhang Zixuan retired from the performing arts circle and devoted herself to taking care of her children at home. She often shared the daily life of her two children on social platforms.

On October 10, Zhang Zixuan showed a warm group photo of her eldest daughter in Anan amusement park. In the picture, Anan leaned her head on her mothers shoulder. Zhang Zixuan was very happy with a smile on her face. Ann, who is about to be five years old, has begun to show her long legs. It seems that she inherited the advantages of her mothers appearance.

At the same time, Zhang Zixuan also shared an interesting conversation between her daughter anan.she said that when she asked her daughter what other amusement programs she wanted to play, Anan first replied, Ive played everything I want to play. But when Zhang Zixuan asked her daughter again, Anan, who seemed to notice her mothers meaning, replied, Mom, where you want to go, Ill take you. Zhang Zixuan was very pleased and praised Anan as a little cotton padded jacket.

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