Beautiful overseas students report receiving a private letter from Wang Sicong praising the other party is not high and cold

 Beautiful overseas students report receiving a private letter from Wang Sicong praising the other party is not high and cold

In recent days, a group of swimsuit photos have been released in the banzang forest where aqin and Liu Yang broke up. Wang Sicong commented on his microblog: its true. Its not Liu Yangs fault, which triggered heated discussion.

Now there is another student studying in the United States. Wang Sicong said he paid attention to himself on the social platform and chatted up.

She said: after detailed research, she confirmed that this person is Wang Sicong himself.

Then the two began to chat. But to my surprise, the beauty spoke highly of Wang Sicong. She thought that President Wang was very funny, not cold at all, and had no airs at all.

When it comes to Wang Sicong, we all know that he changes his girlfriend faster, and there are always beautiful women around him. Not long ago, on the night of Halloween, Wang Sicong took five beauties to a Halloween party. He dressed himself up as Harry Potter and looked very festive.

And its not hard to find that Wang Sicongs previous girlfriends are basically Internet Celebrities. Wang Sicongs famous predecessors are Xueli and doudeer.

It is understood that Wang Sicongs reason for looking for wangsicong to be his girlfriend is not only beautiful, but also interesting. Wang Sicong uses heat as an exchange. Even if he finally breaks up, those Internet celebrities will not pester him. Just like Sydney, after breaking up with Wang Sicong, because of the heat, now Sydney can live a very rich life on her own, so she naturally does not want to disturb Wang Sicong.

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Little three and a half Tibetan forest bask in sexy swimsuit

Comments on Wang Sicong

Banzang forest

Netease Entertainment reported on November 16 that on the night of November 16, the semi hidden forest of Netcom red exposed a group of personal trends on social platforms. Wang Sicong commented below that really, no blame Liu Yang. Netizens have said, smell the taste of melon.. Previously, half Tibet forest was bombarded by netizens for interfering in other peoples love, and once withdrew from personal social platform.

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What do you do in the middle of the night

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On November 19, 2019, fashion blogger and online red arqin announced the breakup with Liu Yang on Weibo, and also published the evidence chart of the other partys cheating. He disclosed that the reason for breaking up was that the man had been cheating on his friends who had been with each other for many years. As soon as the matter was exposed, it quickly aroused heated discussion, and netizens quickly picked out that the third one among them was a microblog called banzang forest.

On November 20, 2019, the third party, banzang forest, who led to the breakup of Liu Yang and ah Qin, posted an apology on her micro blog. She recalled the whole process of the incident and apologized to aqin, the party concerned, and netizens who followed her. At the same time, she also admitted that she was a bad person. For some netizens who turned her photo into a pornographic photo, she also said: if you take my photo as a pornographic photo, dont do anything against the law for a bad person.

It is reported that aqin and Liu Yang are fashion bloggers with tens of millions of fans. They often display travel photos and daily life on social platforms. Liu Yang has also set up his own studio. Ah Qin and he decorate together, attracting a large number of fans attention. Nowadays, many netizens have been concerned about their cheating.

Last year, wanghong banzang forest was exposed to be involved in the love affair between wanghong aqin and Liu Yang. At the beginning of this year, it was reported that Bancang forests ex boyfriend died in a car accident two days after the incident was exposed. On February 26, a netizen disclosed that banzang forest had no concern about the death of her ex boyfriend, even changed her boyfriend immediately and went abroad to travel with her. The netizens who broke the news also aired the certificates produced by the hospital and the police, as well as their chat records with friends in Tibet.

On February 27, banzang forest was exposed to a private account to send an article. He responded that he had not cheated, nor had he made use of this matter to earn a cent: its really ridiculous. Ive been a third party and I havent been derailed. Over the past few months, people who dont understand the mechanism of microblog say that I apologize. Microblog can earn 1 million yuan. Some people take photos of others and say that I come back to shoot ads. some people take photos of PS pornographic photos and videos, and some people register for live broadcast of fake numbers. I havent responded to this before, not once, because I dont want to cause any disturbance to his family just because hes gone. And the shameless murderer in what condition pull down his drag car just to have an accident in the heart do not count? How dare you come out and speak? Yesterdays response really tried to restrain myself, cut off my circle of friends and what things, I hurt not sad who can know, you call me to ask whether I hurt sad. Scold me what I do not want to make a voice, dare to come out again consumption dead really cannot bear

At the same time, friends of banzang forests ex boyfriend also issued a statement on the microblog, saying that the cause of the accident has no direct relationship with banzang. I think the cause of the accident is very clear to the Party (i.e. the girl who contributed to the paper) The reason why this incident was not made public is that the relatives of FJH (ex boyfriend of banzang) and I agreed that FJH and banzang had already broken up before she had a relationship with Liu Yang, and there was no longer a love relationship between them. The dead is dead, and he should not bear the reproach and harm that he should not bear because of his special status of banzang wanghong

Later, banzang forest forwarded the microblog and wrote: I always feel sorry for his death, and I always feel sorry for the damage to public opinion caused by my mistakes. I have no intention of causing any disputes on the Internet any more, just hope that he can get real peace and quiet

Another netizen disclosed that the girl who contributed to the manuscript and his ex boyfriend of semi Tibet met on the Internet. It was the girl who asked her ex boyfriend to drive her home in a fast car after drinking, which led to the traffic accident. Moreover, the girl didnt know the banzang forest before, so the disclosure may be just for the sake of popularity.

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