45 billion crazy housing grab! Shenzhen luxury house and swipe the screen to buy a set to earn 5 million

 45 billion crazy housing grab! Shenzhen luxury house and swipe the screen to buy a set to earn 5 million

And the most important thing is that, at present, run three units listed 170000-180000, of which the average price difference is at least 40000-50000. If you buy a 100 square meter, you can earn at least 5 million, which is almost a lottery first prize.

Shenzhen reappears the red disk of super net

On the evening of November 16, the phase I of China Resources City Runxi was approved and announced on the official website of housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau. This time, there are residential and commercial products. The residential buildings are located in buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4, with a total of 1171 sets; the commercial houses are located in 6 buildings, with a total of 10 sets.

Among them, the floor area of residential units is about 96.3-207.8 m2, the average price is 131000 / m2, the unit price range is 120-144000 / m2, and the total price is 1184-29.83 million / set.

The construction area of commercial units is about 23.9-27.6 m2, with an average price of 250000 / m2. The unit price ranges from 232000 to 255000 / m2, and the total price ranges from 5897000 to 6127000 / set.

The lottery rules are as follows:

First class: family first set, no loan record

First class priority. Those who divorce within two years and the original family has a house purchase record are not eligible for lottery. 3.5 million.

The sales plan is announced, and the project will be registered in good faith from November 17 to November 19, 2020.

This time, the average price was 132000 / flat, the unit price range was 1201-144700 / flat, and the total price was 1184-298400. This price includes decoration fee.

China Resources City Runxi phase I garden sales include 1 building, 2 buildings, 3 buildings, 4 buildings, a total of 4 residential buildings, the residential area is divided into 100 square meters, 120 square meters, 175 square meters, 200 square meters, a total of 1171 sets of residential houses available for sale.

120 flat 3 rooms: total price: 14.40-17.55 million

175 flat 4 rooms: total price: 22.88-25.3 million

200 square 4 rooms: total price: 26.27-29.84 million

The first step: on November 16, 2020, publicize the sales plan and prepare the application materials for bona fide registration;

Step 2: from November 17, 2020 to November 19, 2020, the buyer will complete the online sincere registration application on the online sincere registration platform and submit relevant materials.

Step 4: on November 23, 2020, our company will publicize the register of bona fide registrants in the exhibition center of the project. The contents of the publicity are: bona fide registration number + name of the bona fide registrant (hide the second word of the name) + certificate number (hide the six digits of the date of birth in the ID card or the last four digits of other certificates);

Step 5: on November 24, 2020, after the register of bona fide registrants has been published for 24 hours, Qianhai notary office will publicly shake out the house selection sequence number of the bona fide registrant. At the end of the lottery, the website of Qianhai notary public office (HTTPS:// ghnotary.com And the official account of the public on the WeChat public. The content of publicity is: House selection sequence number + sincerity registration number;

Step 6: from November 25, 2020 to November 26, 2020, our company will inform the bona fide registrant to participate in the offline notarized housing selection activity according to the sequence of housing selection and sign the Shenzhen real estate subscription letter and supplementary agreement according to the sequence number until the housing resources of the project are sold out;

Step 7: pay down payment within 10 days from the date of signing the Shenzhen real estate subscription form and supplementary agreement, and sign the Shenzhen real estate sales contract (pre-sale) and supplementary agreement and other relevant sales documents.

Start a set or earn at least 5 million

More than 13000 buyers received deposits in one day

Located at the intersection of Shennan Avenue and Tonggu road in Nanshan District, China Resources City is an old renovation project of Dachong. It involves more than 1400 buildings of various types, with a large volume, which ranks among the most old renovation projects in urban villages under construction in Shenzhen.

The commercial Vientiane world with an area of 240000 square meters has been opened, including large shopping malls, giant screen cinemas, cultural theatres, art galleries, etc., to meet the needs of owners in daily life, entertainment and shopping.

Runfu is divided into five phases, and is built along the periphery of China Resources City in a semi enclosed layout. China Resources City Phase IV did not extend the use of Runfu, but renamed Runxi phase I. It is said that the product positioning is more high-end. The construction land area of Runxi phase I is about 24900 square meters, the total construction area is about 248000 square meters, the total capacity area is about 165000 square meters, and the plot ratio is 6.6. It is composed of 4 high-rise residential buildings and 1 kindergarten, with a total of 1171 households.

This disk is highly concerned because its advantages are very obvious.

First, the location is good, located in Nanshan Science and Technology Park, industry giants gathered;

However, with reference to Nantou Dachong, nanwai culture and nanwai hi tech, which are also affiliated to Nanshan foreign language group, they will be ranked No.3, No.4 and No.7 in Nanshan in 2019, which is worth looking forward to.

The most important thing we are concerned about is the price upside down.

Runfu phase I opened in 2014 with an average price of 47500 / Ping; phase II opened in 2015 with an average price of 50000 / Ping; phase III opened in mid-2018 with an average price of 85000 / Ping.

October 2014: China resources city entered the market for the first time, with an average price of 47500 / m2 and sold out in 3 hours.

November 30, 2014: the price was increased again, with an average price of 50000 / m2 and sold out within 3 hours.

December 2015: China Resources City Phase 2 entered the market, with a price range of 62000-81000 / h.

June 2018: China Resources City Phase 3 products sold out at an average price of 85000 per square.

September 2018: phase 3 of China Resources City was sold out with an average price of 85000 / flat.

November 2020: China Resources City Phase 4 is about to open, with an average price of 132000 / average.

At present, the unit price of second-hand housing has been close to 180000.

According to the minimum area of 100 square meters of run four units, the minimum profit of one set is 5 million yuan,

There are some property market Xiaobai do not understand, why the new house so cheap, second-hand housing so expensive? Because the new house is controlled by the price limit policy, the second-hand housing control space is much more relaxed, which is also the fundamental reason for the inverted price of new and second-hand housing.

According to netizens, China Resources City Phase IV has received more than 13000 buyers deposits in one day, totaling 45 billion yuan. Rich peoples world is for real estate. Shenzhen never lacks purchasing power. Because the benefit effect of phase I, II and III is too strong, phase IV is even more fanatical

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of China fund daily_ NB12679