What signals does Li Keqiang send out when he holds a forum on economic situation?

 What signals does Li Keqiang send out when he holds a forum on economic situation?

If we say that the macro policy has played a powerful, effective, timely and reasonable role, the hard work of the market subject and the people is equally indispensable

Li Keqiang said that in order to cope with unprecedented difficulties this year, the macroeconomic policies we have introduced focus on helping enterprises to bail out and stimulating the vitality of market entities, and focusing on promoting the close integration of macro-control and micro demand.

Li Keqiang said that both tax reduction and fee reduction, the increase of deficit scale, the issuance of special treasury bonds, the continuous deepening of the reform of deregulation, management and service and the optimization of the business environment are all aimed at highlighting the needs of market players. Through the innovation and implementation of the direct mechanism, direct one rod to the bottom benefits market entities, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses.

The realization of modernization requires the Chinese people to work hard together

Zhang xuansong, chairman of Yonghui supermarket, said in his speech that although the development of the enterprise has been impacted this year, Yonghui insists on protecting sales and employees, the more difficult it is, the more we should let employees have a sense of gain..

It is conducive to the stability of talents and the future development of enterprises to adhere to the protection of employees and employment. Li Keqiang praised, this is the correct business philosophy, and keeping jobs is a contribution to the country.

Li Keqiang said that in response to the unprecedented impact of the epidemic this year, we timely issued macro policies. Practice has proved that such policies are appropriate and the implementation effect has exceeded our expectations.

Li Keqiang pointed out that the current situation at home and abroad is still complex and grim. We should not only strengthen confidence, but also be fully prepared to deal with difficulties and challenges. Guided by Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinas characteristics, we should implement the spirit and deployment of the party in the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, thoroughly implement the new development concept, face challenges bravely, accurately normalize epidemic prevention and control, consolidate the economic recovery growth trend, promote economic operation to a reasonable interval, promote high-quality development and build a new development pattern.

Its not easy to think about porridge. We are still developing countries. To achieve modernization, we need the Chinese people to work hard together, the market players to work hard together, and the whole country needs to work together to meet the difficulties. Said the prime minister.

We should cherish the hard work of the people and use the good steel of policy resources on the blade

Li Keqiang demanded that, on the basis of continuing to implement the large-scale rescue policy, we should carefully analyze the macroeconomic trend and the changes in the domestic and foreign environment, listen to the voice of market players and the people, consider the next macro policy in an overall way, and enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of the policy.

We should treasure the hard work of the people, put the good steel of policy resources on the blade , more targeted support for market players, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses, and more effectively protect and improve peoples livelihood.

Xue min, chairman and CEO of Lianying Medical Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the efforts of the enterprise to expand the market in his speech. Li Keqiang said that China has a strong domestic market, and it is necessary to stand firm on the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand. Enterprises should enhance market awareness, not only adapt to the trend of economic structure and consumption upgrading, promote products and services to the middle and high-end, but also give full play to the cost-effective advantages, pay attention to the development of sinking markets, especially the county and township markets, to meet the needs of the grassroots in a large number of areas, and improve the quality of peoples livelihood.

The more complicated and difficult the situation is, the more we need to promote reform and opening up

Chinas more than 40 years of experience has proved that reform and opening up is the only way for Chinas development. The more complicated and difficult the situation is, the more reform and opening up should be promoted. Li Keqiang stressed in particular.

The premier said that we should continue to deepen various reforms such as deregulation, regulation and service, accelerate the creation of a market-oriented and legalized international business environment, promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, gather more peoples wisdom and peoples power, mobilize all positive factors, unite all forces that can be united, and further stimulate the vitality of market players and social creativity. At the same time, we should further promote the opening up at a high level.

The day before the forum, leaders of 15 countries including Li Keqiang witnessed the signing of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) by the ten ASEAN countries, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Li Keqiang said that this will help expand Chinas economic, trade and investment exchanges with other countries in the region. We should take the signing of RCEP as an opportunity to jointly promote the construction of this worlds largest free trade zone, safeguard the multilateral trade system with practical actions, and make the road of free trade more smooth.

The premier said that the 15 RCEP member states are highly complementary, and the signing of the agreement will help expand mutual cooperation and stabilize the industrial and supply chains.

He asked: the relevant departments should pay close attention to the follow-up work of promoting the implementation and entry into force of the agreement and fulfill our commitments. We will expand diversified international cooperation, stabilize the supply chain of the industrial chain, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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