Ps5 real machine experience: I touch the wall of the world

 Ps5 real machine experience: I touch the wall of the world

Since Sony released its first ps5 video on August 21, the debut of the fifth generation of Sony Playstation series has been officially opened. On the eve of the official release of ps5, the game channel was invited by Sony to participate in the ps5 preemptive trial. For ps5 part of the first game and the new generation of dualsense controller for close experience.

Compared with the PS4 era of no place, no joy, you (Ni) Company, ps5s breaking the border of the future can not only improve the image quality, but also the feedback of its dualsense handle controller is really amazing. The next generation host once again draws into the distance between players and the virtual world.

Using the slogan of iPhone 6, its more than big. Although the volume of ps5 game console has become the largest in all previous dynasties, the benefits brought by the increase of its size can easily make players willing to compromise.

Comparison between PS1 and ps5

Compared with the appearance design of PS4 (275mm u00d7 53mm u00d7 305mm), the width of ps5 (390mmx104mmx260mm) is almost increased by 1 / 3 in width, 1 / 2 in height and weight from 2.8kg to 4.5kg.

If you dont care about the volume of ps5.5, its hard for players to carry the same volume as the 5-inch PC. if they dont like the volume of the next ps5, its hard for them to carry the same volume as the standard ps5 Super large backpack or chassis.

Of course, the volume of ps5 increases with the improvement of other architectures. The most intuitive feeling in the process of real machine experience is that the cooling noise is very small.

In the PS4 era, when players run large-scale 3A games, even if PS4 adopts frame locking processing to make the game run stably for a long time, it will still face the situation of frame dropping in the large scene environment. At the same time, there is also the buzzing heat emission sound of PS4. In the process of playing ps5, the sound of ps5 running for a long time is much smaller than that of PS4.

Before Xiaobian tried to play ps5, ps5 had been running for 4 hours ahead of time. In more than an hour from the game to the game, there was no noise in the whole process of ps5. Only when the ear is facing the ps5 host and about 20 cm away from the host, can you feel the rotation sound of the cooling fan. There is no sense of vibration on the host body, and no obvious heat is felt by touching the shell of the host by hand. The somatosensory temperature of the rear outlet outlet is slightly higher than that of the host shell, which is about 38 u2103 - 42 u2103 (somatosensory temperature).

The heat dissipation frame and main body of ps5 adopt the same bright black material design as PS4. Two pieces of shell made of matte white material are extended on both sides of the black fuselage. The white shell with a certain radian also has the design flavor of PS3. The inner wall of the shell is printed with the micro brand elements of Sony PS series main machine.

The inner wall is embossed with a tiny Playstation logo

Ps5 as a home host must be placed in a certain place for a long time. In the trial, Xiaobian found that the ps5 bright black machine is located because the surface has been polished, and the black host body is huge, which will be particularly obvious when there is dust on the surface.

The front of the host is integrated with a blu ray drive, a usbtypea interface, a usbtype-c interface, a compact disc pop-up key and a power switch. The back of the host contains a power interface, HDMI interface, network cable port and two usbtype-a interfaces. The ps5 cancels the fiber-optic audio input interface during the PS4 period.

This trial Game quantity is limited, does not involve the 3A big work, mainly experienced the hemp big adventure and the astronauts recreation room two works.

Thanks to the blessing of SSD and the improvement of function, the details of characters in ps5 have been improved compared with the performance of PS4 platform. The wool material in ps5 is more realistic, and the shadow and highlight are obviously contrasted. The material of some scenes is no longer the Pseudo 3D of 2D map + shadow, but has independent modeling.

Astronauts entertainment room can be said to be the binding game of Sonys PS series mainframe. In the form of exploration, it shows the players the world composed of the internal hardware of the ps5 host. The game also contains many eggs of PS1-PS4 and handheld (PSP, PSV). Astronauts entertainment room is not so much a game as a demonstration of the game effects of ps5 and the introduction of the new features of the handle dualsense.

Screenshot of astronauts recreation room

In addition to the image quality, the quality of the console game is affected by its controllability and feedback. In this ps5 experience, the performance of the handle dualsense is enough to make people feel shocked: once again, the authenticity of the game world can be felt by touching. The progress of dualsense controller is mainly reflected in three aspects: touch panel, HD multi axis vibration and adaptive button.

The main body of the dualsense controller has the same key layout and symmetrical rocker as the dualshock4, but the appearance and volume have been increased. The top of the handle and the grip are much smoother. There is a fusion version of dualshock4 and Xbox controller.

The area of the touchpad of dualsense controller has also been enlarged. The positions of create key (share on PS4) and option key have been moved up. PS key is independently displayed in the form of logo. A one button mute button and microphone are added at the bottom. A 3.5mm headphone interface is used at the bottom, and the charging port is upgraded to usbtype-c interface.

The back of dualsense controller grip adopts the same micro Playstation logo design as the inner wall of ps5 host shell, and also takes into account the anti-skid function.

The touch pad of the handle has not only increased in area, but also improved in fineness. Lets make a bold prediction: maybe we have a chance to play Ares 5 (temporarily called), and the process of depicting Nordic characters by atrus, the little god of war, will be operated by players.

The handle dualsense adopts a six axis dynamic sensing system (three axis gyroscope + three axis accelerator), and uses two linear motors as the support. It can make the handle truly simulate the impact and touch of multiple objects. In the astronauts entertainment room, it also feels the vibration feedback of space sense, even the direction of the enemys attack feel. In addition to the sense of direction vibration, game characters walking on different roads, such as sand, glass, ice and other material vibration feedback will give players different feelings.

Make complaints about PS series handle R2/L2 button has been the game players tucking, but the DualSense controllers R2/L2 button can be said to be the whole handle of the black technology - adaptive button. The R2 / L2 button of dualsense controller has a tension damping system. For example, when we play FPS games, when the previous controller presses R2 continuous shooting only once, but the tension damping system of dualsense controller will continuously give players resistance.

If Gatling is switched to a violent weapon such as rocket launcher or heavy sniper, the resistance of R2 bond will become extremely heavy, but if you cross the critical point of strength setting, you can instantly feel the pleasure of bullet firing. In the process of experience, the tension of bow string and recoil of machine gun can be simulated. At the same time, the tension damping system of the buttons also makes the game more interactive: pushing open the rusty iron door, waving the giant axe, waving the double knives Players can really feel the type of weapon they hold and the interaction behavior.

Compared with the previous experience of the charm of the game world through the eyes, through the ps5 dualsense controller, the game world can be within reach.

Since all the games we have experienced are the first-party works of Sony, to some extent, we can fully understand and display the technical concepts and new functions provided by ps5, so the high-speed reading, silent cooling and tension resistance system (adaptive key) of dualsense handle are particularly impressive, but it is not clear that the third-party games Whether the manufacturer will provide feedback adaptation for HD multi axis vibration, touch pad interactive play and tension system.

The arrival of each new generation of mainframe represents the improvement of image quality. The improvement of ps5 (maybe called this generation) also makes it reasonable to improve the image quality. Maybe we can not only focus on the picture quality, but also pay attention to the interaction of the game. After all, the appearance of dualsense controller also enables us to touch the game world The opportunity of the wall of the world.

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