What impacts and opportunities will the production of Li Jing bring to the LED display industry?

 What impacts and opportunities will the production of Li Jing bring to the LED display industry?

Microled shows the future is coming

In fact, microled display technology has developed for more than ten years, and is widely recognized as the most dynamic new display technology in the industry. However, after any new technology and new product is launched, if it can not be put into the market, it is just put on the shelf, then this technology is of no value.

Therefore, it is very important for Lijing to put into production and expand the market of Riad. From micro LED display technology to products, and then to the market, Riad once again shows the role of the industry leader, is leading the LED display to a new milestone.

Higher image quality means wider color gamut, higher contrast and more realistic color display; while lower energy consumption is of great significance for mobile devices, which means more durable service life and more functions can be added.

By comparing with the current mainstream LCD and OLED display technology, we can see that microled can comprehensively crush LCD and OLED technology in response time, life, visual angle, PPI, power consumption and other performance indicators. Therefore, microled technology is also known as the new generation of display technology, and even the ultimate display technology. Lediniside also pointed out in the report in 2019 that all functional indicators (PPI, brightness, power consumption, thinness, etc.) of microled are excellent, and there is a huge space for future growth, and the market scale is expected to reach 30-40 billion US dollars.

It is true that the starting point of new technology and new products is to rely on the industrys leading enterprises to promote the development. With the joint efforts of Sony, Samsung, Riad, wafer optics and other domestic and foreign enterprises, the problems of mini / microled technology have been overcome.

Before and after 2019, the price performance and stability of microled products have made a qualitative leap. Especially in the field of large-scale commercial display, Riad officially ushered in the explosion of mass production and market application of micro led commercial display products in 2020. This time, the production of Lijing has greatly promoted the industrialization process of microled.

Industry chain integration and development of microled display technology

After years of development, Chinas LED display industry has begun to enter the stage of deep adjustment, from the initial extensive competition to the comprehensive strength represented by capital and technology.

As a result, from epitaxial materials, microled chips, to massive transfer technology and driving IC, Riads supply chain advantages have been fully demonstrated in the development track of microled display.

The rapid production of lichen relies on the technical foundation and tacit understanding of joint research and development between lyard and wafer optoelectronics for many years; and lyad and saplux, a joint-stock company, have always maintained deep cooperation to jointly promote the development of the worlds first npqd micro LED display screen.

All these laid a solid foundation for Riad to maintain its leading development in the field of micro LED display, and also provided the best sample for the integrated development of LED display industry chain.

Ultra high definition video industry breaks out, micro LED display ushers in new opportunities

Microled has great potential and many advantages. It is in a good opportunity period of industrial development and needs more attention and investment.

On July 22, 2020, the 5g + 4K / 8K UHD production and broadcasting demonstration platform project led by China Central Radio and television was launched in Beijing. The start of the project marks the acceleration of the construction of ultra high definition video industry. According to the action plan for the development of ultra high definition video industry (2019-2022) jointly issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of radio and television and China Central Radio and television, it is estimated that by 2022, the overall scale of Chinas UHD video industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan, the number of Ultra HD video users will reach 200 million, and the 4K industrial ecosystem will be basically improved, Breakthroughs have been made in the R & D and industrialization of 8K key technology products.

Ultra high definition video is a new round of major technological innovation after digital and high-definition video. The evolution of ultra high definition video technology will promote the upgrading of related chips, content production and broadcasting, intelligent display, transmission network, etc.

LED display industry, as an important part of the ultra high definition industry chain, gives micro led ultra high definition display huge penetration space under the background of ultra high definition video industry scale of more than 4 trillion.

At present, LED display screen to achieve 4K ultra-high-definition display has no big technical problems. The rapid development of small spacing LED display provides hardware support for the development of ultra high definition display. In order to realize 4K high-definition display of LED display screen, only small space LED display screen can take this responsibility.

At present, the mainstream of small spacing LED display in the industry has entered the p2.0 era, and the small spacing products with P1.2 and P1.5 spacing are increasingly mature, and the market application demand is increasing day by day. With the development of ultra high definition display, the display spacing will develop below P1.0, which will undoubtedly promote the development of mini / microled. It will be natural for LED display to move towards 8K in the future.

With the promotion and implementation of the UHD industry development plan, it will also drive the development of new UHD business applications such as film and television entertainment, security monitoring, industrial visualization, robot inspection, intelligent transportation, etc. For LED display enterprises, these are important application markets. The continuous expansion of their market scale will bring a new round of development opportunities for micro LED display, thus accelerating the upgrading of the industry.

To sum up, the micro LED display market will become a must for all LED screen enterprises in the future. Enterprises must keep up with the trend of technology, and meet the changes and challenges brought by new technologies with appropriate strategies based on their own market positioning and goals.

Winners write history, innovators create future. As a global audio-visual technology leader, Riad has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent display for 25 years. When the micro LED display technology just emerged in foreign countries, Riad accurately predicted the direction, took the lead in layout and actively committed to the research and development of related technologies. At present, more than 60 core invention patents and international patents of microled technology have been accumulated.

This time, the strong alliance between ryard and wafer optoelectronics will give full play to their technical advantages and industrial chain advantages in the field of microled display, accelerate the innovation of microled display technology and products, and make positive contributions to promoting the optimization and industrialization of global display industry chain.