Yuexiu Xingyu won four awards in 2020 international pioneer forum of rental apartment industry

 Yuexiu Xingyu won four awards in 2020 international pioneer forum of rental apartment industry

At the forum, more than 100 industry experts and industry colleagues from China Hotel Association, China Architectural Design Institute, ukaa Apartment Association and apartment operators, real estate developers, media and capital sides gathered to discuss the changing road of the industry development, This paper makes a comprehensive and in-depth analysis on the standardization of rental housing market, the development of rental community and the industry financing dilemma.

On the same day, the forum released Green Apartments, China rental apartment brand value ranking list and pilot Award. Among them, Yuexiu Xingyu, a long-term rental apartment brand owned by Yuexiu real estate, a state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou, has won the first batch of authoritative certification of green assured apartments, and has been listed in the top 20 growth potential of 2020 centralized apartments in the brand value ranking list. In addition, because of his outstanding performance during the epidemic, Chen Xiaodong, vice president of Yuexiu commercial investment, general manager of Yuexiu housing rental company and general manager of Yuexiu Xingyu, was awarded the title of industry anti epidemic leader of the year. Chen Yutao, manager of Yuexiu Xingyu Liwan Huahai store, was awarded the title of annual outstanding anti epidemic contribution store manager.

Yuexiu star house for tenants

Since 2020, the Thunderbolt event of long-term rental apartments has aroused social concern. At this time, it is particularly important to choose large-scale regular enterprises with good brand effect. Yuexiu Xingyu is such a green apartment.

In response to the national call to have a home, Yuexiu real estate, a listed company with total assets of nearly 240 billion yuan (by the end of June 2020), has built the first batch of large-scale, professional and market-oriented state-owned housing rental platform in Guangzhou, established Yuexiu housing rental company, and launched the first long-term rental brand Yuexiu Xingyu. Adhering to the spirit of state-owned enterprise responsibility, Yuexiu Xingyu adheres to the principle of taking the legitimate interests of tenants as the principle, and takes helping young peoples urban dream as its mission. In the process of the epidemic, Yuexiu Xingyu has launched a public welfare rent-free policy for tenants and medical staff.

From the perspective of enterprise scale, Yuexiu group, the parent company of Yuexiu real estate, is one of the top 15 multinational companies in China. At present, Yuexiu group has formed a 4 + X modern industrial system with real estate, finance, transportation infrastructure and food as the core. It has five listed companies. As of the end of June 2020, the total assets of Yuexiu group exceeded 690 billion yuan.

Yuexiu housing rental company and Yuexiu Xingyu brand have fully integrated the ecological resources and advantages of Yuexiu group and Yuexiu real estate, established a full linkage system of design engineering informatization property commerce finance operation, built a four in one urban youth community platform of residence, entertainment, office and social networking, and launched three brand matrices of Yuexiu Xingyu, Yuexiu xingting and Xinglin, To provide urban youth with intelligent, shared, diversified and community housing rental services.

Compared with the rental apartments with repeated problems in the market, Yuexiu star house gives city people a full sense of security with its strength. The first is engineering guarantee. Yuexiu real estate has 37 years of real estate development experience to ensure the quality and safety of Yuexiu Xingyu. The second is quality assurance. The company cooperates with well-known furniture and household appliances brands to integrate into the community culture to create a quality and warm life. Health protection is very important. The company adopts traditional vacancy and advanced technology to remove formaldehyde, E1 grade environmental protection fireproof board, invisible anti-theft net and other humanized measures, Let the tenant rest assured; security can be seen, intelligent access control, intelligent door lock, intelligent monitoring, plus 7 * 24-hour community housekeeper and security; finally, there are rights and interests protection, strict state-owned enterprise system, to ensure the stability of lease term and price, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tenants, so that tenants do not have to worry about thunder!

Yuexiu star residence on the front line of war epidemic

He was selected into the green rest assured apartment and China rental apartment brand value list and won two pilot awards because Yuexiu Star House performed well in 2020.

When the epidemic broke out at the beginning of the year, Yuexiu housing rental company carried out the responsibility of state-owned enterprises and worked with tenants to tide over the epidemic.

Yuexiu Xingyu set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control at the first time, rapidly developed a professional epidemic prevention and control manual, so that all epidemic prevention and control work can be carried out in an orderly and timely manner. The leaders and management of each department gave up the Spring Festival holiday, and took duty to control the epidemic situation in their respective posts, so as to provide timely prevention and control support and solution suggestions for stores.

Specifically, the company and its stores carry out daily temperature detection, disinfection, health code and personal trajectory survey, and strictly register visitors from other places, so as to ensure a safe and healthy apartment environment; timely supplement employees and tenants with masks, protective supplies, hand sanitizer, disinfection supplies, and other epidemic prevention materials free of charge to all tenants.