16-year-old male star revealed online love with 20-year-old girl

 16-year-old male star revealed online love with 20-year-old girl

And this collapsed house is still a 16-year-old underage

My little sister was stunned to eat melons.

A 16-year-old boy with idol failure

Although AI Dou is young, what he thinks in his mind is not simple at all

Xiaoaidou had just met girl a, and soon intended to let her take him to open a house, and repeatedly asked girl a to buy things or transfer money for him. A kind of

The youth love bean Association of Yuehua attracted many netizens interest. According to the information given by the blogger, some netizens immediately locked in the super language fans, and only 3800 people of the users were members of yhboys, zhangminghao.

Maybe when many gourd eating friends saw the combination yhboys and Zhang Minghaos name, their first reaction was full of question marks like Xiaomei. No wonder the blogger said that he was a little paste bean, which was so mushy that no one was found.

In order to eat melon thoroughly, Xiaomei actively went to understand the relevant information about Zhang Minghao.

In 2017, Lehua launched a group of 10-13-year-old boys to form the yhboys group, which is the first group of nurturing idol men under Lehua.

Zhang Minghao is one of the members of the group. He was born in 2004, and now he is only 16 years old, so he can be considered as pretty. A kind of

Although the development mode of the combination is somewhat similar to that of tfboys, yhboys is not so lucky. Since its debut, there are few works and low popularity.

Paste finally became the protective color of Zhang Minghaos paste to do something wrong, which made him do all kinds of amazing things in his life.

The blogger then released the chat record between girl a and Zhang Minghao, which increased the authenticity of the information.

Put forward the idea of going to B & B with girl a, and even said I want to sleep with my sister. A kind of

You can also pretend to easily send a mobile phone purchase interface to girl a, which is suspected to imply that girl a will buy him a new mobile phone, which is full of green tea flavor. A kind of

The chat text also gradually exposed, vulgar. A kind of

Girl a explained in more detail what happened on the first day they knew each other. On the first day of his acquaintance, Zhang Minghao started to act against girl a, and even wanted to do more excessive behavior to girl a. A kind of

After the news of the owner of the Caibo, a girl named B appeared on the microblog. She also said that she had been asked for money, gifts and coquetry by Zhang Minghao.

When the two were together, Zhang Minghao asked girl b to buy shoes for him. When girl b was taken to the hospital by ambulance when she was ill, Zhang Minghao did not ask, only concerned about where are the shoes bought by girl b for him. A kind of

I dont know if I should be angry or amused. I can only say that Zhang Minghao has a clear idea about asking for gifts

After their break-up, they also made a fuss about girl B. after girl b established her trumpet with a friends photo, he found that Zhang Minghao asked girl Bs trumpet out to play. A kind of

At the same time, girl B also gave the chat record and other relevant evidence.

The same way to treat girl A. ask for shoes from girl B. A kind of

Chat text is just as ugly. A kind of

After reading these, my little sister is hard fisted.

This... Which looks like a 16-year-old child??!!! Not to mention 16, Im afraid many people dont even have 26 years old.

Zhang Minghaos national fan support association also issued a powder removal statement, which also mentioned countless times of patience. It was suspected that Zhang Minghao was a habitual criminal, and the support association had heard of such things for a long time.

The first informant also said that Lehua had expelled Zhang Minghao from the company.

However, as of the deadline, Lehuas official microblog did not publicly come forward to make the relevant statement.

This can not help but make people wonder, there are so many young artists under the banner of Lehua. Does the company really manage them well??

At the beginning, when some men in their early twenties fell in love with each other, many people on the Internet said that minors will not collapse.

I almost believe it!

This is not even the first time a minor has collapsed.

In October, 18, a netizen disclosed that Chen Xida, a trainee of TF family, owed her a lot of money due to his personal contact with him.

Chen Xida, a former TF family trainee, was born in 2004 and was only 14 years old when it was revealed.

The netizen was later called sister Qian. She used to be Chen Xidas station sister. Later, she added wechat with xiaoaidou, and they began to contact each other privately, saying that the money spent for Chen Xida was zero, and the total amount was more than 100000 yuan.

The mobile phone and clothes were sent by sister Qian.

It costs more than ten thousand to visit the street once.

Not only does he spend money, but also does homework for Aidou.

The main reason for angering sister Qian is that Chen Xida doesnt train well to fall in love, and she takes the money she gave him to raise a little girl friend.

She told sister Qian that she was expelled from the house after quarreling with her family members. As a result, she asked for money to open a house with her girlfriend.

No idol at home run, and not in good training, and later on, she was exposed to make complaints about a large scale chat like Tucaos aunt and aunt who failed to play the home run.

Little sister is very puzzled, now the children do not read every day, what are thinking in the brain?

Its easy for teenagers to be enthralled by fans. However, these children are not only in private contact with fans, but also fall in love with staff directly.

In July this year, Yian music club, another mens troupe, which focuses on the cultivation department, was exposed about the love affair between members and staff.

The members name is mo Wenxuan. He was born in 2006 and is only 14 years old this year.

Netizens revealed that he fell in love with the companys employees and sent nude photos to female fans.

The next day, Mo Wenxuans original painting company issued a statement to punish him. In everyones opinion, it basically acquiesced in the authenticity of the disclosure.

Although it is said that in these matters, adults also have to pay a large part of the responsibility. Here we will send a copy of the law on the protection of minors

But more worrisome is that the words and deeds of these minors Aidou have completely separated from the publics cognition of ordinary middle school students.

Children, read more books

For minors, it may not be a good thing to enter this circle too early.

Nowadays, many love beans have entered the industry before they have reached adulthood. They are busy making money and reading less. Huang Minghao dropped out of school on the first day of junior high school, with only a primary school education. Meng Meiqi also dropped out of grade two, and Yang Chaoyue, who dropped out of grade three, and so on.

In the last few years, the term net fish has been used to describe the low level of Internet education.

A low level of education, a little careless will show timidity.

When the topic is discussed, the output point of view remains on the surface;

Reading less books will also lead to the deviation of understanding the role;

The content of microblog is basically written propaganda copy, which is empty and boring.

We are not only about academic qualifications, but we still hope that idols can receive more cultural education, read more books, and give more positive guidance to fans and the public.

For a minor, in the face of the temptation of the spotlight, fanatical pursuit of fans, and the practical utilitarian environment, can it really guarantee that it will not grow crooked?

On the one hand, they will not make jokes because they are uneducated. On the other hand, the minds of minors are not fully mature, and the three outlooks are also in the process of formation. At this stage, they should accept more cultural education as much as possible, which is more conducive to the formation of their sound personality and to accumulate energy for their later development.

Interesting soul is never born, need to have enough inside information and insight to support.

Its always good to read more books. this is not a slogan, but a reality.

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Pornographic chat records of 16-year-old artist exposed