Anecdotes! Officials who are superstitious about godsticks

 Anecdotes! Officials who are superstitious about godsticks


Once the master switch of ideals and beliefs is in disrepair for a long time, it will be gradually disintegrated by the desire for power and greed, and the corrupt people often turn their hearts to feudal superstition. This kind of official worships the god Buddha and does not do personnel.

Some listen to the master and act willfully. Hu Jianxue, former Secretary of the municipal Party committee of Taian City, Shandong Province, looked for the master to calculate the future. He said that there was still a bridge in his life. He ordered the national highway to be rerouted and built a Daihu bridge on a reservoir. After his fall, he became the catch Hu Bridge ridiculed by the people. Cui Xinyuan, former Secretary of the Party committee of Gaoyi County, Hebei Province, placed a retired fighter plane opposite the government building, implying promotion and wealth. After he was arrested, the masses described it as a fighter shot down..

Some of them took the lead in doing legal affairs and caused a mess. Because they had not been promoted for several years, Jiaokou county Party committee secretary and county magistrate led dozens of Party and government cadres to kneel in front of the Xiangtan case and buried a promotion symbol. Qin Jianan, former director of Guangxi Dahua Health Bureau, deeply agreed with the statement that Yin Qi is too heavy in the new office building. On the day of relocation, he asked Daogong to cast magic to exorcise evil spirits, and even some members of the team took off their coats and went around in circles.

Some indulge in it and ask for everything. Song Chenguang, former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee of Jiangxi Province and head of the United Front Work Department of the provincial Party committee, should seek the opinions of masters in official affairs and personnel appointment and removal. He thinks that the promotion of sick in official career has a lot to do with Fengshui metaphysics. Xu Guoyuan, former deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, put the password box containing 2 million cash and jewelry in the temple while transferring his property, with the key in the ears of the Buddha.

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These party members and cadres have been educated by the party for many years, and some of them still have a high level of knowledge. Why did they fall into the trap of feudal superstition? Do master and Taoist master have real skills?

There are no ghosts and gods in the world. If you believe more, the ghost in your heart will become more and more apparent. Master and Taoist master do not ask God to do it, but they are undoubtedly masters of psychology.

Master Xu, who has been cheating and collecting money in Zhejiang, Hubei, Guangdong and other places for a long time, packaged himself as a Hong Kong geomantic master with a college degree. When he told his sister-in-law that fortune telling was basically the same, they called the police. The police found a lot of forms from master Xu, including not only marriage and family conditions, but also surgery and gynecological diseases Whether there are birthmarks or moles on his body are clearly written. It turns out that master Xus magic power comes from personal information provided by many ears and eyes such as hospitals and beauty salons.

Some masters also summed up a series of ways to deal with officials: those who have not been promoted for a long time can divine the fate of their officials and see when they will be promoted; if the officialdom is not smooth, they will look at the geomantic omen of their ancestors and ask the master for guidance; those who engage in corruption and bribery generally need to draw symbols to protect their safe landing. In order to avoid suspicion, the officials would save the Bureau through merchants, and the reward of master was naturally paid by businessmen.

There is also a big advantage to fortune telling for officials, because most of the time, what they say is ambiguous words. Even if they are not accurate, no one will come to trouble. However, some officials, after giving some psychological hints, thought that there was Fengshui blessing, but they did some things. Once this happens, the officials will recognize Mr. Feng Shui, regard him as a guest of honor, and even recommend him to the people around him and even to the superior officials, which will virtually open up a way for him to go up to the top.


Article 63 of the regulations of the Communist Party of China on disciplinary actions clearly lists organizing and participating in superstitious activities as a violation of political discipline. If the circumstances are serious, they will be expelled from the party, marking a red line for Party members and cadres.

As the saying goes, the domination of the body is the heart, for Communist Party members, it is necessary to firm their ideals and beliefs.

Firm ideals and beliefs is a good way to get rid of our ghost in the heart.

Ideals and beliefs are not born, let alone once and for all. As the official who devoured the magic charm at the beginning of this article confessed: in the past few decades, I have participated in numerous political studies and education, but all of them are coping with it. In order to complete the task, I mistakenly regard the Party members status as a political status and leave aside the responsibilities, obligations and requirements of the Party members political identity.

If one inch is loose in thought, one foot will collapse in action. Ideological and cognitive problems are like rooms, which need to be cleaned frequently to avoid dust accumulation.

There is an old saying: dont do evil things on weekdays. You are not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night.. If you are really upright, why worship ghosts and gods?

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