Depression also has seasonal, autumn and winter body does not adapt to pay attention to

 Depression also has seasonal, autumn and winter body does not adapt to pay attention to

Typical depression is easy to identify, some patients from the appearance of depression is not obvious, but the heart is very painful, on the surface, forced to smile, their own hard work, life. Such patients are not easily detected if they have suicidal thoughts.

There are also two-way affective disorder, a stage of depression, and sometimes the opposite of depression for emotional upsurge, faster thinking Association, increased speech activities, good self-feeling, energy, appetite and sexual desire increased manic performance.

In many types of patients, some special two-way emotional disorder patients will have obvious seasonality: good mood in spring and summer, manic performance, and depression in autumn and winter, until the next spring, enter the next cycle. Such patients with mild manic symptoms and severe depressive symptoms are more likely to be ignored and have a higher risk of suicide. The famous writer Hemingway is such an example.

In addition, some people with severe depression may have strong suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and even more serious may have extended suicide. Extended suicide means that when a patient decides to commit suicide, because he is worried about the sufferings of his relatives after his death and no one to take care of him, he first kills his relatives and then commits suicide himself. This kind of suicide is more harmful. The results show that: in all suicide patients, 80% are depression patients.

To do a good job in psychological adjustment, we must first understand ourselves! Du Hong said that he was full of gratitude for life and always grateful for life; he changed his negative cognition to see the positive and sunny side of everything from another angle; he paid attention to the time and place, and paid attention to psychological growth; he took more actions than complained; he kept blaming and often gave sincere praise to the people around him; he did not stay at home and felt sorry for himself, but made friends with one or two confidants and had his own space; Usually use psychological methods to adjust their own mentality, so as to quickly get out of the emotional haze.

Source: China News Network Editor in charge: Geng Yiwen_ NJ6040