Its really difficult for me to learn Chinese!

 Its really difficult for me to learn Chinese!

How are you

How are you

Who can be spared by heaven? The way of heaven is good for reincarnation. As Chinas comprehensive strength is becoming stronger and stronger, crooked nuts all over the world have also raised the banner of Chinese culture, trying to learn fluent Chinese and travel around the world.

Among them, the news that Wai Guo Rens Chinese language has been abused has become more and more popular in our eyes, which finally gives us some consolation for the suffering of learning English over the years.

But think about it carefully. In fact, Chinese is not difficult for us. Why cant we learn Chinese with crooked nuts

The reason has to start from the way of learning and teaching materials.

As the saying goes, the same world, the same routine, the same torture. Transliteration is the best way to learn a foreign language quickly, no matter which country you are learning


More powerful than this is the Chinese and English idiom shorthand, which combines the essence of bilingual, so that mother will no longer have to worry about your poor Chinese~

In the aspect of quantifier learning, a clever crooked kernel has developed such a learning method:

In the view of some crooked nuts, maybe Chinese characters are not words at all, but paintings! Therefore, it is a good way to master the crooked kernel of painting, to combine form and meaning skillfully, and to learn Chinese characters with the easy to understand drawing method.

For example, the following word is the same as district. Do you think you can never forget it after a glance

This word is the same as grass. In a sense, the interpretation of this action is quite accurate.

[blue u2192 ocean u2192 pirate], this association logic is not wrong! However, the fat editor is more puzzled about how the crooked nuts, who do not understand Chinese, produce this kind of associative logic

This Ao is painted as a villain with armor and sword. It can be said that it is closest to the image of Chinese characters. However, it will be better to disarm.

The bone feeling painting has become a flesh feeling, which indicates that the crooked nuts in this painting have not really understood the meaning of Chinese characters.

As for this ha ha ha ha ha, we dont say anything, feel it~

I cant help feeling that this brain hole breaking through the sky can only be given by the big Chinese characters with the same shape and meaning.

Even if you know a lot of Chinese characters and accumulate enough Chinese vocabulary, you may not be able to fully understand and use it. After all, the real context is cruel.

And the most confused about the crooked nuts is the pronunciation and tone of Chinese characters. They even suspected that the Chinese input keyboard might be exclusive

There is more than the pronunciation of crooked nuts collapse, is a word polysemy.

For example, on a sunny afternoon, Wai Guoren and the Chinese started such a dialogue:

Chinese: Im sorry, Ill make it convenient.

What does convenience mean?

Chinese: Er... Convenience means going to the bathroom to go to the bathroom

Crooked nut: convenient = go to the toilet, get!

Another sunny afternoon

Chinese: Ill treat you to dinner when its convenient for you~


Then, unexpectedly, when I was shopping in the supermarket, I saw the convenient noodles~

Everything is difficult at the beginning, it is more difficult to go down, but dont be afraid of difficulties! Things do not do well is often not because of lack of talent or lack of ability, may be just the way the textbook is opened wrong.

The Chinese Textbooks of European and American people are not so much Chinese textbooks as a complete collection of Chinese slang.

The Chinese English bilingual Huang Bao dictionary has even been rated as a book that must be learned before being a serious foreigner in China in foreign forums.

Take a look at the Japanese Chinese textbooks, although the painting style is slightly different from that of Europe and the United States, it is also intriguing.

The Japanese who are taught with this kind of teaching material must be very gentlemanly.

This Chinese textbook published in Japan not only has a good sales volume, but also has a high feedback rating from users on overseas e-commerce platforms

If you learn Chinese before you learn it, it will be helpful for future Chinese study.

In addition, there are some other Chinese Textbooks in Japan, which are worthy of careful study and further study

After all, it is the people of an open country, and the posture of learning Chinese is also quite heroic~

In the neighboring South Korea, Chinese textbooks can not be underestimated.

On how to ignite the anger of others in a second

The next teaching content, content is not bear to look directly, pure fat editor had to cover his eyes in silence

What do you want to teach Korean friends

Nowadays, the crooked nuts all over the world try their best to learn Chinese well

In a video I saw earlier, in order to better serve Chinese tourists in a European restaurant, waiters get up early every day and learn Chinese in the shop.

In their teaching plan, Alipay is cheerfulball, and thanks is shellshell. There is even the dialect Emma book howyes..

Can you guess what may you far hill means?

It means no invoice. It can be seen that their learning content is very grounded~~

Although Chinese is one of the ten most difficult languages in the world, please dont be discouraged!

After all, only when we see that you are abused as a dog in learning Chinese, can we avenge all our English studies

Learn cold knowledge, in the fat small class!

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