Dont sleep at noon and crash in the afternoon! 6 ways to make your nap comfortable

 Dont sleep at noon and crash in the afternoon! 6 ways to make your nap comfortable

A 10-20 minute nap is the best. Some scholars have made a comparative study on the effects of different long naps, and found that for most people, 10-20 minutes of nap is the best. If the time is too long, it will lead to brain dullness after waking up.

Be sure to set an alarm clock before going to bed. This is critical for a good afternoon nap, because many people are worried about oversleeping, which makes it difficult to fall asleep, and setting an alarm clock will eliminate this worry.

Listen to white noise.. For a perfect nap, you should find a dark, quiet place. If necessary, use eye masks, ear plugs, or download some white noise such as the sound of waves and wind to eliminate interference.

Take a nap and then stay up late. Although staying up late is bad for your health, sometimes you have to stay up late. In this case, you can supplement your sleep by taking a nap in advance.

Change your nap to lunch break

It is suggested that the nap should be adjusted to lunch break instead of worrying about whether it can fall asleep. Lunch break means that you can relax your whole body and mind. You dont have to have a sense of sleep, that is, the feeling of deep sleep. There are many ways to achieve this rest state, such as listening to music, doing relaxation training, emptying your brain, relaxing your muscles, etc.

There is no need to sleep and make themselves exhausted, especially patients with insomnia and anxiety, the more anxious at noon, the more sleepless, the more anxious, thus affecting the whole afternoon and evening mood, affecting the night sleep, leading to a vicious circle.

Relax the body and rest the heart is the goal of the lunch break. Working people and students sometimes have a lot of work or homework not finished at noon. Even if some people do not give up taking a nap, their brains are still in an active state. At this time, they need to adjust their mentality, reasonably arrange tasks and time, and pay attention to and protect their lunch break time. Dont pay attention to all kinds of work, documents, homework, etc. in your mind, or stress, focus on your breathing, calmness or muscle relaxation. Maybe, those thoughts will be less or even gone.

The habit of sleeping on the ground should be changed

After lunch, dont take a nap immediately. Take a rest for about half an hour, so that the stomach can fully digest food. It is suggested to choose between 1:00 and 2:30 to go to bed. If you take a nap after 3:4 p.m., it is easy to cause the disorder of biological clock.

The habit of sleeping on the stomach should be changed Lying prone position, part of the body muscles continue to tense state. When sleeping on the stomach, the lower limbs are always in the drooping position, while the head has been pressing the arm, and the blood return will be affected. In this way, the garbage in the capillary can not be transported out, and the nutrition can not be transported in. The consequences can be imagined.

When taking a nap, try to level yourself as much as you can. If you have a bed, lie on your back if you dont have a bed, and find something to cushion under your feet. After waking up, its better to go out for a walk or do something you like, so as to recover your energy as soon as possible.

Six correct habits of taking a nap

1. Sit on the chair instead of the table

Try to sleep on your chair in the morning instead of lying on your stomach. If the chair can not adjust the tilt, you can buy 2 pillows under the waist to support the lower part of the lumbar spine; if you sleep with the head against the back of the chair, it is better to prepare a U-shaped pillow or O-shaped pillow, which is padded behind the neck, which not only plays a fixed role, but also relieves the stress of cervical muscles and even the cervical spine after falling asleep.

Dont rush to sleep after dinner

Stomach digestion generally takes 1 hour. After lunch, give the stomach some time to digest food. Walking for 10 minutes can speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis and relieve dyspepsia. It is suggested to rest for 30 minutes after lunch, and then start to sleep comfortably after the peak of digestive system work.

3. Adjust the best lunch break time

Many people may have had this feeling: its even more sleepy after a nap. The whole person feels very tired... This is because we sleep too long! A complete sleep cycle is about 90-100 minutes. When we take a nap for more than 30 minutes, we will enter the deep sleep period; waking up from the deep sleep period will reduce the wakefulness and increase the sense of fatigue.

Doctor suggested: try to keep the nap time within 30 minutes, and it is more safe about 20 minutes. But if you have enough time, its OK to sleep 90 minutes full of a full sleep cycle.

Everyones sleep cycle is not completely the same, you can set different time according to your own situation: 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, and so on, and then observe when you wake up with higher comfort, adjust to your best lunch break time.

4. Add equipment before going to bed

After sleeping, the body temperature regulation ability drops. Therefore, even if you dont feel cold before going to bed, you should cover your body with a quilt or clothes. When you take a nap, you should keep warm to avoid catching cold. If possible, try to prepare a folding chair or a folding bed and take a nap on your back.

5. Drink a glass of water after waking up

Wake up, just lunch also digested most of the nutrients into the blood, so that blood viscosity increased, the human body has an obvious sense of water. Dont be greedy after waking up, slowly stand up, drink a glass of water first, in order to supplement blood volume, dilute blood viscosity. It can also refresh the mind and prevent drowsiness. For people with high blood sugar, this glass of water after waking up is more important.

6. Cervical vertebra movement

Strengthen the neck exercise can prevent cervical spondylosis, may as well do after a nap.

Step 1: the back is straight, the left hand is clasped with the right hand behind the back, and placed in the right waist position;

Step 2: slowly pour the head to the right side and hold for 30 seconds;

Step 4: adjust the head direction or chin position according to personal feeling, and repeat the same action on the other side after completion.

Source: Peoples network editor: Geng Yiwen_ NJ6040