Be careful of sugar, oil and salt! There are many camouflagers in bean products

 Be careful of sugar, oil and salt! There are many camouflagers in bean products

Almond Jelly. It is made of sugar, almond, milk, agar, etc. it is not suitable to eat a lot or often because of the large amount of sugar added in the production, otherwise it may increase the risk of dental caries, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Another kind of camouflager is solid soybean products, but because it contains a lot of fat, sugar and salt, eating too much will also cause harm to health, such as spiced shredded tofu, fried tofu, dried bean curd snacks and so on. Their original body is healthy and nutritious tofu (dried). In order to meet the needs of the market and carry out various reprocessing, the products are not only high in oil, salt and sugar, but also added in some flavors and fragrances.

Soybean products that are really beneficial to health should have the characteristics of non frying and less adding -- they only go through all or part of the procedures of refining, filtering, boiling, adding coagulant, squeezing water, and fermentation, with the natural flavor of soybeans, and retaining nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, soybean isoflavones, etc., to the maximum extent, such as original tofu (dried), tofu brain Soybean milk, natto, etc. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that each person should take 15-25 grams of soybean or equivalent amount of soybean products per day. 25 grams of soybean is equivalent to 72.5 grams of northern tofu, 140 grams of Southern tofu, 365 grams of soybean milk, 55 grams of dried tofu, 40 grams of shredded tofu, and 175 grams of lactone tofu.

Lin Liqun, Youth Committee of clinical nutrition branch, Fujian nutrition society, and nutritionist of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University

Source: Peoples editor in charge: Geng Yuanyuan_ NJ5571