Hamasaki has a second child: it doesnt matter who the childs father is, and she has no plans to get married

 Hamasaki has a second child: it doesnt matter who the childs father is, and she has no plans to get married

The most shocking thing is another news. Hamasaki: I gave birth to an angel at the end of last year and became a mother. Really? When did you get married? When was the baby born? Who is the father of the child? After a series of questions, Hamasaki will not answer so many questions. Its a mystery. Let her keep it mysterious. However, as an Asian queen, I still hope that her career will be successful and her love life will be happy. However, Hamasaki announced that he did not intend to get married?

No marriage, no plan - this is rarely seen in ancient and modern China, such a tough woman. After giving birth to a child, there is no need for the man to take care of or bear anything. How many meanings does that mean? As long as the goddess likes, everything is good. As long as the goddess doesnt mind, she doesnt have any opinions as a fan. However, this has caused more controversy. Some people say that the childs father is a much younger outsider. Moreover, Hamasaki and his identity, status are very different. So lets not mention it.


On October 2, Hamasaki released the good news of being a mother again. what? Once again, people doubt their ears. Do they hear it wrong? The father of the first baby has not been made public, how can he be pregnant with a second child? Although it is a womans freedom to have children or not. But such powerful freedom is really impressive to Hamasaki. (article / piaoyutang) the existence of a childs mother directly makes his father a transparent man. Is that really good? She has always been magnanimous in her definition of happiness.


On October 2, Hamasaki is 42 years old. On the same day, she announced that she was pregnant with a second child

Now there is a second angel in my stomach. I will try my best to raise him and look forward to the coming big family life. For the sake of the children, please quietly guard us.

Who is the biological father? Its still a secret. But it is emphasized here that this is a big family; please guard us quietly.


However, Hamasaki is still tight lipped about his childs paternity. I would never disclose any details. Therefore, netizens have all kinds of views, and there will be no less unpleasant words. This makes Hamasaki quite dissatisfied, she said directly: the father of the fetus in the womb is the same person as the first child. In this regard, can the rumor stop at the wise? In fact, we should understand: first, Hamasaki has the ability to raise children; she does not want to depend on his father. 2u3001 Hamasaki has no intention of getting married. This man is invisible.

It seems that its more important to have ones own ability. Son, his father, you still have today