Dear self all be: not playing according to common sense? The reality is more cruel than the plot

 Dear self all be: not playing according to common sense? The reality is more cruel than the plot

Well, anyway - youre looking forward to the finale. How to say, at least one of these three CP pairs succeeded? However, all of them are? Should the writer be so cruel? I dont want to leave any thoughts for us. However, this is just right for the theme - Dear yourself? Its useless to love others. The fact is the same. Take a look at Zhang Zhizhi! For the sake of this family, I almost gave everything. What happened? Her mother-in-law did not understand her at all, and her husband went out to look for her. Zhang Zhizhi, its nice of her not to remarry.


Some people say that writers dont play according to common sense, which is selling anxiety. Come on, is this still for sale? The real reality, even more impolite. The plot is bloody. After all, what is the reality? The beauty of emotion is nothing more than I love you and being together. Unfortunately, too many things go against our wishes. Even if you raise the same eyebrows, it is difficult to level the meaning. Besides, look at the heroine Li Siyu. Want to start a business, but let more people pay for her ideal. Take a look at Chen Yiming, vacillating between Wang Ziru and Li Siyu. In the end, who is his favorite?


The arrangement for the six men and three pairs of CP in the finale is as follows:

Wang Ziru was arrested, but Chen Yiming did not intend to give up her. Li Siyu and Zhang Zhizhi are still single, and their sisters are good friends in their youth. Lei Haowen turned himself in, Gu Xiaoling waited for love and succeeded in washing white at the last moment. Chen Yiming and Liu Yang are good friends in and out of the play. This pair of brothers and sisters sitting by the river, so lonely, so lonely!


Netizen exclaimed: the ending really cant accept! Finally, its really my dear self!

The main characters of my dear self sent articles to say goodbye to myself

Liu Shi Shi Shi:

Zhu Yilong

May not forget the original intention, live up to my dear self! Goodbye, Chen Yiming!

The most profound feeling of Kaiqing Tzu is that he has the most profound feelings

After her divorce, Zhang Zhizhi first chose to be independent, because she finally found that the mountain will fall, everyone can run, and no one is better than herself. She has only one ending of independence.

All the ups and downs and experiences are the talk materials for todays life. Thank you for accompanying Zhang Zhizhi to grow up together.


Do we also want to thank them in Dear self? Watching Li Siyu, from the first episode to the last episode, he never got married. But the emotional line, but ups and downs of wonderful rich. In the end, its better to do business directly than to stop cooking. Zhang Zhizhi is the most concerned woman. Now she is betrayed by Liu Yang, and then pursued by Liu Yang again. Now, Im confident. If you dont choose to remarry, is it temporary or always. As for Gu Xiaoling, why wash white? Are there few women like this? The most distorted is her, unreasonable and unreasonable.


Dont play according to common sense? There are only the more unreasonable, not the most reasonable. Reality is always more cruel than the plot

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