Thai girls build their own houses with super hard core, dig and paint their own swimming pools

 Thai girls build their own houses with super hard core, dig and paint their own swimming pools

Today, the protagonist of the freehand house that you are going to recommend to you is a very powerful Thai girl. Her house built by her hands is no worse than that of a boy. It not only has a bed, a stove, a dining table and a chair, but also a swimming pool. And the whole process of the tool is only a shovel and a sickle, it is the queen of the wild life!

The first step is to dig the foundation and build kitchen furniture. First of all, select an open space, clean the weeds and leaves inside, draw the general outline of the house with a spade, and then dig the ground with the shovel. When digging, you cant completely dig out, you should leave the position of furniture, even the furniture lines should be carved in place.

The second step is to build the roof and harden the whole house. Since you live in a house, the roof and wall must be well done. You cant leak air and rain. So after building the general framework of the wall and roof with wood and bamboo pieces, the little sister also made the hardening materials for the wall and roof with soil, water and thatch. Even the ground, bed and stove are hand plastered with mud, is not it now popular minimalist self leveling?

The third step is to paint and make the house green. Of course, if you want a beautiful house, you have to paint it and plant some green plants. With green leaves and red clay self-made pure natural paint, spread on the wall and furniture, natural breath comes. Then paste some turf on the roof, and add the ornament of palm trees to make the house more artistic and elegant.

The fourth step is to dig the swimming pool and set up a lounge chair. Only a house with a swimming pool can be considered a luxury house. In this case, the swimming pool has to be arranged. The heart-shaped swimming pool dug by the little sister adds a touch of romance to the house. Build a reclining chair, a perfect holiday feel!

Gangzhen, like this, built a luxury house with swimming pool by hand from scratch. Who saw it? Dont say respect to this girl. If you want to see the whole process of hard core sister building, please click the atlas below to check the details!