Apple forbids offline iPhone 12 series from going online? Heavy penalty of 400000 yuan / set

 Apple forbids offline iPhone 12 series from going online? Heavy penalty of 400000 yuan / set

As soon as the news came out, the comment area of netizens exploded. Many netizens believe that Apple forbids offline iPhone 12 series to flow online is a naked price monopoly.

According to the survey launched by blue finance, so far, most of the netizens have chosen not to buy. Among the buyers, the majority still choose to buy online.

Apple forbids offline iPhone 12 series from going online?

Offenders will be fined 400000 / set

Apple is reorganizing its channels in the Chinese market to eliminate the arbitrary price reduction of its own products, so as to make better profits and keep the initiative in its own hands. According to a supply chain source, the pricing of Apple products in the domestic market has always been very casual. Apple gives a general price, and then some dealers begin to cut prices to obtain more sales through fleeing goods and other forms, so as to obtain subsidies from apple. In this case, Apples profits are not rising, and the rights and interests of some core distributors are also affected Strike.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple has been thinking about channel adjustment in the Chinese market, but there is no better time. This time, with the launch of new products such as the iPhone 12, apple began to push forward new rules. In the final analysis, the pricing power of all products is in its own hands, while making profits, protecting the interests of dealers, so as to obtain better share growth.

For such a practice, another supply chain source also said frankly, the above commitment letter is real, and the reason for such commitment is that many e-commerce platforms reduce the price of iphone12, not Apples official price reduction, but the platforms own subsidies to attract users. The channels for these platforms to get goods are often resale through some channels, not from official channels.

Of course, this requirement does not mean that these online channels can not sell products such as the iPhone 12 series and iPad air4. Apples official stores can sell products according to the official price, but now the unofficial channels are being severely cracked down.

The current situation is that after this policy is released, it will be very difficult for everyone to see the iPhone 12 series mobile phones with a sharp price reduction on the e-commerce platform. After all, a fine of 400000 yuan will be imposed on each phone, and businesses cant bear it. They will not easily resell Mobile phones and tablets to online channels.

At present, it is not clear how long Apple will strictly push forward the above-mentioned new regulations, but at least in the short term, we will not see that kind of arbitrary price reduction

Many people in the industry also believe that Apples new regulations in the Chinese market this year are actually very easy to understand. Many old users will have to change their machines. In the early stage, the supply must be less than the demand. Therefore, it is not allowed to reduce the price to make profits, while still maintaining its high-end brand image. On the other hand, Huaweis situation this year has made the iPhone 12 less difficult to sell, because the former is supplied It will be severely limited.

IPhone 12 Pro blue price increases by 1500 yuan

In addition to Apples new regulations in the Chinese market, the iPhone 12 Pro blue severe price increase has also attracted market attention.

On October 23, the first day of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro on sale, the scalpers came back and bought the blue iPhone 12 Pro by 1500 yuan. Even though netizens make complaints about the blue machine, there are various indications that this fruit powder is a little blue, and the blue iPhone12 and iPhone12Pro are still very popular.

According to tmall data, nearly 50% of users choose the iPhone 12 blue and iPhone 12 Pro sea blue versions, continuing the rule that the new colors of new iPhones are most popular every year.

The Yellow Cattle outside Apples Nanjing East Road store are willing to increase the price of the 128G iPhone 12pro blue model by 1500 yuan, while other models have no intention of purchasing.

Scalpers return to iPhone launch

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei dealers charge 1800-1900 yuan more for the full range of iphone12pro than the official price, while the price of iphone12 series is increased by 200-300 yuan. A scalper told the media that the blue model of iPhone 12pro is easy to ship with a price increase of 1500 yuan. The larger digital dealers outside are willing to accept it, but there is no price difference for other models.

The shortage of iphone12pro has led to strong quotations from dealers in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen. A quotation sheet shows that all colors of the 128G iPhone 12pro have been increased by 1800 yuan, which can be said that there is no need to sell them.

Industry insiders believe that the iPhone 12 series appears a new color blue, usually in the morning of the sale, the price of yellow cattle is at the highest level, and the yellow cattle will pay a high price for the new blue machine, especially the iPhone 12 Pro that cannot be purchased on site on the same day, but then the range of scalpers price increase will be narrowed. As Apple will still open online booking to purchase machines in the morning of the 24th, although the supply forecast is still limited, after the first day of its launch, the price of new scalpers will not increase by thousands of yuan again.

In addition, many netizens also reflected the price increase of iPhone 12 Pro online.

According to an official Apple store in Yitian Holiday Plaza in Shenzhen, most of the iPhone 12 and 12pro models ordered from Apples official website are due in two to three weeks, and are expected to be delivered in the first ten days of November. But in the store, the iPhone 12 is available in stock and can be purchased directly without a price increase.

insane! Huawei mate 40 second light

IPhone nervous?

Hard and hard with Apple iPhone 12. At 0:00 on October 23, Huawei mate40pro and Huawei mate 40pro + opened 100 yuan booking in Huawei mall, online authorized e-commerce platform and offline authorized retail channel.

It is reported that at about 0:11 on October 23, Huawei shopping mall always showed that it was in line, and soon it was sold out. At 10:08 a.m., Huawei mall released the goods again, but not long after, Huawei mate 40pro and Huawei mate 40pro + both showed temporary shortage. As of 9:00 p.m. on October 23, Huawei still indicated that mate 40pro and mate 40pro + were out of stock temporarily.

I cant get it. Its harder than the iPhone 12. Its just seconds. It is indicated by pollen.

On October 23, also the day when the iPhone 12 was officially launched, Apple stores lined up all over the country. From the first day of sale, consumers have a strong desire to purchase the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro. However, since Apple does not disclose the specific sales volume of the new product, we can only infer the sales volume of the iPhone 12 / 12pro from other channels.

Guo Mingji, an analyst at Tianfeng international, predicts that pre orders for the two iphone12 phones will reach 1.7-2 million within 24 hours, compared with 500000-800000 for the previous generation of iPhone 11 series. It is estimated that the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will sell 7-9 million units in the first weekend after they go on sale.

CICC pointed out that since the high point of iPhone 6, iPhone shipment has been declining for five consecutive years, and the replacement cycle has been more than five years. CICC estimates that among the more than 1 billion global iPhone stock users, 72% are still using models in 2017 and earlier.

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