Refused to attend the seminar on Indias Data Protection Act? Amazon: misunderstanding

 Refused to attend the seminar on Indias Data Protection Act? Amazon: misunderstanding

Earlier media reports that Amazon refused to attend a review meeting of the joint Indian Parliament Committee angered several members of the committee, including its chairman, meenakshi lekhi.

Mr lackey said Amazon executives refusal to attend the committee meeting before October 28 could lead to coercive action by Parliament against the company. Amazons business in India is huge, and if it doesnt come to the committees deliberations, the Commission may take enforcement action against it, Mr. lackey said But Mr. lackey did not say what kind of enforcement action the Commission might take against Amazon.

In response to media reports and lackeys comments, Amazon responded to a statement released on Friday that the company claimed there were some misunderstandings, and Lakey misunderstood Amazons position.

Amazon said on Friday that it had submitted a written submission on the data protection act to the joint parliamentary committee of India, and experts from overseas could not go to India due to travel restrictions, which was misunderstood as unwillingness to attend the committees meetings.

Amazons statement said, during the current outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic, our experts were unable to leave overseas due to travel restrictions and could not attend the joint parliamentary committee meetings. This situation may lead to misunderstanding and further misunderstanding.

Amazon said it would continue to contact the Commission to clarify its position and eliminate misunderstandings.

In addition, Facebook representatives attended the committees meeting on Friday. Another Indian parliament member said twitter had been asked to attend the committees meeting on October 28, while digital payment company paytm and alphabets Google would attend the committees meeting on October 29.

The congressman also said that if an executive of a company is not present when asked, it may be equivalent to violating the rules of Parliament, which may even lead to imprisonment.

For some time, India has been drafting several regulations concerning the technology sector. But industry executives said the rules could hurt foreign technology giants plans to invest in India.

In addition, the Indian government is considering introducing a new e-commerce policy and regulating so-called non personal data. (Tianmen Mountain)

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NBJ11279