The former general manager of Dayang Road market was sentenced

 The former general manager of Dayang Road market was sentenced

The merchants here reflect that such a problem in the market stems from a personnel change. At the end of 2015, a general manager and Party branch secretary came to the market. His name was Mu Jianjun.

According to merchants, after taking office, Mu Jianjun and others quickly replaced the access system with the agent system. Those who give more money will be close to them, and they will become agents. These agents work with them to squeeze merchants. From the merchants to get more money.

From the perspective of maintaining food safety and market order, the agent system has its advantages of being easy to manage. However, in the eyes of general manager and Party branch secretary Mu Jianjun, it is only a tool for him to obtain high profits. With the implementation of the agent system, Mu Jianjun and others began to reshuffle the merchants in the market. In less than three years, Mu Jianjun alone took bribes of more than 7 million yuan, all of which were hard-earned money of merchants.

In view of the situation reflected by the merchants, the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Chaoyang Branch immediately set up a special group to enter the market for investigation. Although the investigators of the ad hoc group have provided perfect confidentiality measures for the merchants, most of them are silent in the face of their inquiries.

When they met with obstacles, they decided to investigate from the police information data.

From the analysis of the record of receiving the police at that time, every police situation is like a commercial dispute between the merchants and the market, not involving criminal cases. However, when the police records of more than two years are linked together, the investigators feel that there is a special force secretly controlling everything here. After sorting out nearly a thousand police cases, investigators found a woman.

Ms. Wang used to be a merchant in Dayang road wholesale market. One day in March 2018, more than ten arrogant men came to her shop and forced the demolition of her 20-year-old snack shop. The Gang also threw 30000 yuan of goods in the shop.

Ms. Wang told the investigators that Qiao jianlai was the deputy manager of Dayang road wholesale market. The reason why he was able to dominate the market and bully the merchants was not to rely on idle people in the society, but to be instructed by market manager Mu Jianjun. With the general manager of the market as the backstage, many merchants dare not speak up.

In order to find more victims like Ms. Wang, the investigators rented a small room with an area of 4 square meters beside the market to look for the victims and interview the victims in secret.

Ms. Chen is also an old merchant in the market. She has been doing bean products business for more than 20 years. She gave the ad hoc group another clue.

According to Ms. Chen, after the implementation of the agency system in the market, Mu Jianjun, Qiao jianlai and others stipulated that all plastic bags for merchants to sell goods must go to their designated agency company, which is called Beijing zongwang agricultural and sideline products Co., Ltd., and its general manager is Jia Zong.

Jia Zong, once a merchant in the vegetable area of Dayang Road market, began to contact with each other frequently since Qiao jianlai, Mu Jianjuns subordinate, became the person in charge of the vegetable area. After hearing about the news that the market would set up an agent, Jia Zong took the initiative to find Qiao jianlai and successfully won the general agency right of plastic bags and goods in the market. Just plastic bags, Jia Zong sells 230000 rolls a month, making a profit of millions of yuan. In this way, only plastic bags make tens of millions of profits every year.

Qiao jianlai here wantonly collect money, Yan Zhenyi, who is also the general manager of tingpeng District, is not willing to be outdone. He not only gave the agency of beef and mutton in the shed area to his good brother Wang Zhiwei, but also gave the right of quality supervision of commodities to his cronies. The agent system implemented in the market is stipulated in the detailed rules to encourage the competent merchants to compete for posts and obtain the qualification of agents. But in fact, it was Mu Jianjun and others operating in the dark.

Wholesale market hall shed area mainly engaged in beef and mutton meat, about 80 merchants. Originally responsible for the supply of the shed area, are Beijing Er Shang and other well-known enterprises in Beijing, with complete qualifications and guaranteed food safety. After Mu Jianjun, Yan Zhenyi and others came to power, Wang Zhiwei, a bath worker, beat his competitors one after another by virtue of a newly established Zhiwei trading company, and won the general agency right of beef and mutton in Dayang road wholesale market.

After taking office, Wang Zhiwei immediately used his authority to restrict merchants from purchasing from other beef and mutton suppliers. If he found out, he informed the market management personnel to impose a fine on the merchant, which was less than 5000 yuan or more than 10000 yuan. In this way, almost all the beef and mutton sold in the market come from Zhiwei trading company.

In the absence of competitors, Zhiwei trading company has not only raised the price of beef and mutton, but also made some efforts in quality. In terms of material selection, even watered meat has been sold to the market.

After nearly three months of investigation, the investigators found that the original Dayang Road market had always implemented the free purchase system for merchants. All enterprises and companies listed in the admittance list could supply goods to the merchants of Dayang Road market if they met the health and epidemic prevention inspection of Beijing market supervision and Administration Bureau, and passed the quarantine and inspection of Dayang Road market.

After investigation by the ad hoc group, more than 10 people, including Qiao jianlai, Jia Zong, Yan Zhenyi and Wang Zhiwei, colluded with each other and bullied merchants to collect money wantonly. But whether general manager and Party branch secretary Mu Jianjun is the commander and umbrella behind the scenes still needs more concrete evidence. Due to the particularity of the case, Chaoyang Public Security Bureau and Chaoyang District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision have transferred capable forces to open a collaborative case handling mechanism.

The Dayang Road market was established in 1997, with an average of 40000 person times, more than 5000 tons of goods and nearly 10000 vehicles entering and leaving the market every day. The annual commodity trading volume is 2.25 million tons, and the commodity trading volume reaches 5.7 billion yuan, including 150 tons of eggs per day, which provides nearly half of the demand share of Beijing. The sales volume of mutton has exceeded that of Xinfa market, which ranks first in Beijing, and the market of Dayang road bullies the market The market stability in Beijing has been seriously affected by such behaviors as malicious price hikes and so on.

After nearly half a years investigation and evidence collection by the ad hoc group, it is gradually clear that the evil force gang composed of 17 people, including general manager Mu Jianjun, deputy general managers Qiao jianlai and Yan Zhenyi, has gradually become clear. They take advantage of their power, collect benefit fees, suppress other suppliers by improper means, support themselves, reduce the quality of goods and arbitrarily raise prices. These gang members are not only suspected of criminal crimes, but also include bribery and other job-related crimes. In order to maximize their interests and ensure their position as the general agent in the market, the agents began to bribe Mu Jianjun, Qiao jianlai, Yan Zhenyi and others.

On December 6, 2018, Chaoyang police arrested Mu Jianjun gang.

According to the investigation, eight people, including Jia Zong and Wang Zhiwei, bribed Mu Jianjun, Qiao jianlai and Yan Zhenyi in the form of kickbacks and consumption cards. Among them, Mu Jianjun, Yan Zhenyi, Qiao jianlai, LIANGANG and wangjianfu paid bribes of more than 7 million yuan, 4 million yuan, 1 million yuan, 1 million yuan and 0.5 million yuan respectively, Wang Zhiwei bribed more than 2 million yuan.

Due to the obvious geographical characteristics and wide range of the case, the forced transaction crime and bribery behavior belong to different handling agencies. The case will be transferred to Chaoyang District Peoples Procuratorate for examination and prosecution in February 2019 and March 2019 respectively.

According to the procurator in charge, the evil gang led by Mu Jianjun forced some merchants in the market to purchase goods, which directly violated the merchants right to free trade and fair choice.

At 9:30 a.m. on December 3, 2019, the case of the big ocean road evil forces gang led by Mu Jianjun was heard in Wenyuhe court of Chaoyang District Peoples court.

After the trial, it was found that the gang of evil forces in Dayang road was composed of 13 people, including 7 people including Mu Jianjun, Qiao jianlai and Yan Zhenyi, representing the market management side, and 6 agents selected by the market management party, including Wang Zhiwei and Jia Zong. For the sake of economic interests, the evil force Gang headed by Mu Jianjun used the management system designed in advance to exploit the merchants layer by layer through agents, and finally obtained huge benefit fees from the agents.

At 10:00 a.m. on January 15, 2020, the peoples Court of Chaoyang District made a first instance judgment on the case of the gang of evil forces in Dayang road.

In the court, in addition to the 13 defendants in the gang, there are eight agents who have made direct profits.

On April 17, 2020, the second intermediate peoples Court of Beijing made a final judgment to maintain the original judgment.

Absolute power, absolute corruption. Any power, any system, as long as it breaks away from the boundary of supervision, will leave its normal track. It is because of the lack of supervision, the huge market has become the independent kingdom of Mu Jianjun, which leads to Mu Jianjun and others to go further and further on the road of crime. Although the personal quality of leading cadres is important, the construction of a reasonable and perfect system with supervision and restriction is also indispensable.

After the case of mujianjuns gang of evil forces, the Shibalidian township government timely adjusted the leading group of Dayang Road market, strengthened the construction of Party branches, strengthened the leadership of Party building, promptly banned the agent system, and restored the original access system. And installed in the market 33 anti-corruption report box, receive feedback information regularly every week.

In his nineteen major reports, general secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out that in the new era, we must adhere to the concept of people centred development, take peoples yearning for a better life as a goal of struggle, seek more peoples livelihood and care for peoples livelihood. As market managers appointed by the government, Mu Jianjun, Yan Zhenyi, Qiao jianlai, etc. make use of their power to trade power and money, bully the market, buy and sell by force. They put power above the law and seriously deviate from the original intention of Party members and cadres to serve the people. Only when they do not forget their original intention can they fulfill their mission. Mu Jianjun and other people lost their original intention and were obsessed with the desire for profit, and eventually became prisoners from a national cadre. The lesson is profound and thought-provoking.