More than 200 new AI models produced by Baidu easydl x Wuzhen industrial intelligent innovation competition

 More than 200 new AI models produced by Baidu easydl x Wuzhen industrial intelligent innovation competition

At the scene, Li haiguang, deputy director of Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of science and technology, said in his speech, science and technology lead development, innovation will win the future, AI is one of the technologies with the largest imagination space today. This competition provides an important opportunity for Tongxiang to promote the implementation of Baidu AI technology, empower traditional industries and accelerate industrial upgrading. We will try our best to provide the most favorable policies, the best service and the best environment for entrepreneurs and enterprises to gather more innovation resources.

(picture: first prize winner of enterprise track and individual track in easydlx Wuzhen industrial intelligent innovation competition)

Among them, enterprise developer Liang Xingbo built smart transmission line system based on easydl and easymonitor, collected and labeled more than 10000 photos for training, and constructed transmission line hidden danger model, pyrotechnic detection model and transmission line fault detection model, which can save a lot of network and personnel costs for the power system and greatly improve the reliability of power grid operation; Wang Jingji, a personal developer, is a personal developer In a few days, easydl developed the chip orientation recognition and robot arm visual positioning and grasping model, which can help customers improve work efficiency and reduce personnel costs in the fields of space and satellite manufacturing, which have strict requirements for chip use. With the help of easydl, personal developer Zhao Zhikang created a model that can assist the mass production of short video clips to effectively improve the video Creative efficiency. In addition, there are many innovative models applied in the competition, such as emotional classification and identification of College Students under the epidemic situation, fabric search and screening of textile industry, engine leakage identification, water coverage area and surface water quality detection. The 12 finals involve transportation, industry, water conservancy and other industries, which can be regarded as water, land and air coverage.

(picture: scene of easydlx Wuzhen industrial intelligent innovation competition)

All contestants of this competition use Baidu easydl zero threshold AI development platform to complete the innovation project development. Easydl is a simple and easy-to-use model training and service platform based on Baidus self-developed deep learning platform, combined with the industrys advanced engineering service technology. It provides zero threshold AI development experience for enterprise users, and can solve complex problems of large-scale by learning experienced expert knowledge according to the needs of customized scenarios, and helps small and medium-sized enterprises solve the problems of efficiency and cost by combining business requirements. At present, easydl has been widely used in more than 20 industry scenarios, such as industrial manufacturing, retail FMCG, smart government, safety production, Internet, transportation and logistics.

In this competition, the technical strength of Baidu easydl zero threshold AI development platform was recognized and praised by the competitors. Duan Xingjian from Beijing Yifeng Jinke Software Co., Ltd. said: using easydl is the greatest value-added. As easydl model achieves more than 96% accuracy in the test set, we are gradually using easydl to replace our self-developed object recognition. We are very optimistic about its core capabilities.

Baidu easydl platform is also constantly upgrading its own technology, while continuously enabling AI landing, and providing more innovative force for industrial intelligent transformation. It is understood that in order to further quickly and comprehensively reduce the threshold and cost of enterprise application of AI, Baidu easydl launched the gravitation plan, providing special funds for enterprises with AI application needs, helping thousands of enterprises to create and enjoy AI capabilities. Enterprises and individual developers only need to complete the customized training, deployment and application of business model free of charge through easydl classic version, and they can receive 10000 yuan special voucher. For projects with outstanding landing effect, they are more likely to receive a special subsidy of up to 100000 yuan.

Interested developers can log in Baidu brain AI open platform, or enter the activity page of Baidu easydl gravity plan through Baidu search. Baidu easydl is looking forward to stepping on the front wave of Ai era with more enterprises and developers.

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