U.S. stocks closed mixed, Dow closed slightly lower, Intel fell nearly 11percent

 U.S. stocks closed mixed, Dow closed slightly lower, Intel fell nearly 11percent

Most of the major Chinese stocks listed in the United States rose. Alibaba closed at $309.92, up 1.19%; Jingdong closed at $81.34, up 0.04%; Baidu closed at $133.93, up 0.81%; pinduoduo closed at $86.91, down 0.98%; bilibilibili closed at $44.44, down 1.90%; tal closed at $70.31, up 5.98%; iqiyi closed at $23.19, up 0.74% It closed at $67.16, down 3.78%; Weibo closed at $40.00, up 0.23%; Sina rose 0.26%; Sohu rose 1.54%; Sogou rose 0.11%; Ctrip rose 1.56%; 51job fell 0.10%; car home fell 3.08%; Weilai fell 0.80%; Jinshan cloud rose 1.20%, ideal car fell 3.06%.

I think everyone is watching, says Mike Katz, a partner at seven points capital, an investment firm. There have been a lot of twists and turns in fiscal stimulus, and every big news makes the market fluctuate a little bit.

U.S. Treasury Secretary manuchin said Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also opinionated on many issues related to the fiscal stimulus package. He added: if she wants to compromise, there will be an agreement. However, we have made great progress in many areas, but there are still some important areas that we are working on.

Intels share price fell 10.6% after it released mixed third quarter data. The companys earnings are in line with analysts expectations, but the revenue from its data center business is lower than analysts expectations.

We believe that for the large Internet sector, the Democratic victory will bring the greatest uncertainty and tail risk, BofA analysts said in a report Specifically, analysts believe that the blue wave of democratic control of the house and Senate could lead to higher taxes and stricter regulation of technology companies. (Liu Chun)

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NBJ11279