After Swedens latest setback in Europe, Italy has also taken action

 After Swedens latest setback in Europe, Italy has also taken action

Italys decision was made at a cabinet meeting on October 22, marking the first time Italy has rejected signing a 5g core network supply agreement with Huawei.

On the pretext of 5gs national security alliance, Chinas participation in the national construction of 5g alliance was prohibited for two days before the announcement that Chinas national security was threatened.

Last month (September), U.S. Secretary of state pompeio visited Italy, saying that Chinas mobile communication technology poses a threat to Italys national security.

Huawei routinely denies the charges, and its Italian subsidiary says it is ready for any review to prove that its technology is safe.

A source in the prime ministers office said the Italian government also wanted to assess whether Huawei could play a role in the 5g core network.

It is reported that since the United States began to strengthen the restrictions on Huawei and ZTE in building local communication networks in 2018, western countries have strengthened relevant restrictions.

Further reading sources: TSMC has increased HUAWEIs 5G base station chip production and supply to over 2 million FCC directors by the end of last year, and it is more like a negotiator or diplomat than a regulator. The 40 billion Arm acquisition of HUAWEI make complaints about HUAWEI and other Chinese enterprises. NBJS11624