Ma Ning was reported by netizens with real name

 Ma Ning was reported by netizens with real name

Previously, another referee, Shen Yinhao, was reported to have plagiarized papers by fans for his controversial judgment in Luneng game, and has returned to Tongji University for explanation.

On reporting academic misconduct of Associate Professor Ma Ning of Wuxi Vocational and Technical College

As an international referee, Associate Professor Ma Ning is not objective in the competition, which causes great dissatisfaction among the masses! After investigation, Ma Nings academic papers published in Taiyuan City Vocational and technical college in 2007 are in great agreement with those published in the eighth issue of 2006 on scientific and technological information. Please refer to the attachment for details. This kind of behavior obviously belongs to one manuscript to publish repeatedly, which belongs to serious academic immorality and academic misconduct. We strongly urge the leaders to seriously investigate and deal with this kind of academic misconduct.

The following is the screenshot of netizen @ Amitabha - ha ha ha

Yang Xus apology after losing the match: sorry, fans and teammates bear all the blame. He is recognized as a super villain. He was fined 2000 a month for hitting people. Now he has become a hero in Shenhua! The 22-year-old goalkeeper saved Morenos penalty kick. Congratulations to Yan Junling after the match. Source: Live Bar, editor in charge: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656