The woman was cheated by her boyfriend for 680000 yuan. She was cheated 8000 yuan by the police

 The woman was cheated by her boyfriend for 680000 yuan. She was cheated 8000 yuan by the police

Ms. sun, who lives in Wenshan, Yunnan Province, usually likes to surf the Internet. At about 10:00 p.m. on September 1 this year, she added a friend named in the water side on wechat. In the next few days, they changed from a strangers greeting to a close friend. In the water side between mature and independent, Ms. sun trust him very much, soon, the feelings gradually warming up, they determine the relationship between men and women. One day, in the water side pushed a wealth management app called acorns to Ms. sun, saying that they could invest and make money on it. Out of her trust in her boyfriend, Ms. sun recharged 7000 yuan into the app for the first time, and she really made hundreds of yuan. She was very happy to see Ms. sun. In the water side took the opportunity to say, youd better be a member, so you can make more money. According to her boyfriend, Ms. sun charged 300000 yuan at a time. The platform shows that she has made a lot of money this time, which makes Ms. sun very happy.

However, after a few days, Ms. sun found her account was blocked! Customer service explained that it was because her account was suspected of malicious flushing. Customer service said that to unseal the account, either fill 20% of the account amount or upgrade to a member. Ms. sun doubted for a while, and according to the requirements of customer service, she added 380000. But after recharging, she still couldnt withdraw cash. The customer service told her: its just because a lottery didnt arrive. It will be unsealed after 24 hours. Subsequently, the figures on the investment platform showed that Ms. suns investment made a lot of money. On October 2, when Ms. sun went to the platform again and found her account stolen, the customer service told her that she needed to continue to pay for her account. At this time, Ms. sun realized that she had been cheated.

Just out of the pig killing plate and stepped into the false network police trap

Seeing that 680000 yuan had been wasted, Ms. sun was so anxious that she wanted to call the police. But she did not choose to dial the 110 police call or go to the police station. Instead, she searched the Internet for a QQ called police officer Zhao. After adding friends, Ms. Sun reported the police to the police officer Zhao.

After some inquiries, Ms. sun passed on her personal information, transfer records and other materials to police officer Zhao.. Zhao police officer claimed to help Miss Sun recover the loss of 680 thousand yuan, but Zhao police officer said Miss Sun Alipays security risks, need to pay 8000 yuan for margin. In order to recover the loss of 680000 yuan, Ms. sun did not think much about it, so she paid a deposit of 8000 yuan to police officer Zhao. However, the 8000 yuan has never returned. In the end, Ms. sun was cheated with a total of 688000 yuan.

At present, the public security organs have put the case on file for investigation, and the case is under further investigation. Police tips: if you find that you are cheated, please dial the 110 call or call the local public security organ in time. You dont have to pay any fees to report to the police. Dont trust the online police randomly found on the website and social application. Anyone who asks for deposit under any excuse should be alert and not transfer money at will. (CCTV reporter Li Changming)

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In order to buy lottery tickets on the Internet app, under the leadership of the so-called gold medal tutor, Ms. Tang of Zhuzhou got deeper and deeper. She successively invested more than 1.5 million yuan and finally lost her money.

At the beginning of October 2019, Ms. Tang came into contact with an app called Lecai with the introduction of a friend. After logging into the app, Ms. Tang was added by a micro signal who claimed to be the gold tutor of the website. This tutor and Ms. Tang began to bet on the real-time color in the app. At the beginning, Ms. Tang just put in thousands of yuan with the mentality of playing. Unexpectedly, the fund doubled after a few minutes.

From October 9 to October 29, 2019, Ms. Tang has invested more than 1.5 million yuan. When Ms. Tang wants to raise the current account, the other party is unable to withdraw cash due to various reasons, such as the insufficient number of bets, etc. Ms. Tang thought she had been cheated, so she reported the case to the Hetang branch of Zhuzhou Public Security Bureau. According to Ms. Tangs description, the police judged that this was a typical pig killing fraud.

At the same time, the police in Hetang have learned that the app software of Yuecai is actually a fake platform to imitate the national regular lottery. The items in it seem to be very similar to the regular lottery, but it is actually a fake app software made by criminals themselves.

After the incident, police investigators started with the capital flow and the APP service data, and quickly identified one of the suspect as Liu, a Fujian Anxi man. Through investigation into the social relationship of Liu, a gang of swindling swindling headed by Liu led to emerge gradually.

The police found that the gang has a clear division of labor, and not only has a special person in charge of online promotion, but the chat group intervenes to disguise itself as an investment mentor to guide the victim to invest after entering the app. In the process of investment, the victim has a great chance to win, and the tutor constantly induces the victim to invest more money.

The reason why the victims can win money is that there is a special technical maintenance group in the gang, and the odds and losses of the game can be controlled by the backstage.

After investigation, the gang is involved in more than 10 cases, involving more than 10 million yuan. At present, 11 suspect have been arrested by police for fraud. The case is still under investigation.

The public security organs remind that the masses must conduct investment and financial management through regular channels and guard against being deceived.

Source: Zhuzhou Public Security Bureau