Ma Yun: ant has completed listing pricing, P2P is not Internet finance at all

 Ma Yun: ant has completed listing pricing, P2P is not Internet finance at all

On October 24, the China finance 40 Forum (CF40), together with the members of the organizing committee, held the second Bund financial summit in Shanghai. The theme of the summit was crisis and opportunity: new finance and new economy under the new pattern.

Ma Yun, CO chairman of the United Nations High Level Panel on digital cooperation, said in his speech: I am very proud to announce to you that last night in Shanghai, we decided on the pricing of ant groups listing. For the first time in history, such a large IPO has been priced outside New York City. We couldnt even think about it five or three years ago, but the miracle happened

On the morning of 24, Ma Yun, CO chairman of the UN High Level Panel on digital cooperation, delivered a keynote speech at the second Bund financial summit. Zhao Yun

Ma also shared his experience and views

First, what we need to think about today is how to combine with the future, how to adapt to future standards, and how to make up for the future gap. We want to understand what the future is and what were going to do before we go and see what others do. If we always repeat other peoples language and discuss other peoples design themes, we will not only lose the present, but also miss the future.

Second, innovation must pay a price, and our generation must take responsibility. Innovation is bound to make mistakes. The problem is not how to avoid making mistakes, but whether we can improve and correct them after making mistakes and persist in innovation. Most of the time, controlling the risk to zero is the biggest risk.

Third, we must have a credit system based on big data. Measured by the above standards, we can see that P2P is not Internet finance at all, but we cant deny the innovation of the whole Internet technology to finance because of P2P.

Ma also stressed that the world today is eager for a brand-new financial system that truly considers the future. Todays financial system is a product of the industrial age, and a comprehensive new industrial financial system set up to solve industrialization. And the future financial system is to solve the problem of helping 80% of small businesses and young people to drive the remaining 20%. The only criteria for evaluating the system are inclusive, inclusive, green and sustainable. The leading-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing and blockchain can play a huge role today.

Ma Yun called on the new financial system as the direction of the future, and it is normal for innovation to go ahead of regulation. After World War II, people at that time had the foresight to design a good financial system for future generations. Today, we have the responsibility to build a financial system that truly belongs to the future, to the young and the next generation, and to this era. Today, the global financial system must be reformed. Otherwise, it is not only a problem of losing opportunities, but also more difficulties for the whole world.

Ma Yun pointed out that digital currency may redefine currency. Although the main function of currency still exists, digital currency will definitely redefine currency, just as apple mobile phone redefines mobile phone. Today, digital currency is far from the time to compete for standards, but the time to create value. It is necessary to think about how to establish a new financial system through digital currency, to think about the future for the whole world, to think about how to do global trade, and even more to think that there should be a database established on the basis of proven technology in the world, so as to truly solve the problem of sustainable world trade, and to solve the problem of sustainable development of world trade Green and inclusive issues.

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