In the final debate, Trumps China strategy was undoubtedly revealed, and Biden also made a strong statement

 In the final debate, Trumps China strategy was undoubtedly revealed, and Biden also made a strong statement

At 9:00 p.m. Eastern time (9:00 a.m. Beijing time) on the 22nd, the debate was held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and hosted by Kristen Welker of NBC. The debate lasted more than 90 minutes and included topics such as the new outbreak, the family and economy of the United States, ethnic issues, climate change, national security and leadership.

The high-profile debate is likely to be the last time both candidates appear in public before the election day. It could be the last chance to change the momentum of the current presidential and Republican candidate trump, who has been losing ground in national and key state polls for several weeks.

During the debate, the two presidential candidates were tit for tat on topics such as the new epidemic, health care, economy, national security, and race issues.

Although the two had serious differences on almost every topic, the order and quality of the debate had been greatly improved because the organizers announced before the debate that in order to reduce interference, the microphones of both sides would be silenced in the separate speaking session of the other party.

The scene of the debate.


Its going to disappear. Were turning. Its disappearing. We cant shut this country down, its a country with a huge economy, trump said

Biden responded that 220000 people have died of the new coronavirus in the United States, those responsible for so many deaths should not continue to be president. Biden also said his government would listen to scientists, and Trumps divisive approach hindered the United States from responding to the epidemic.

Since October 1, more than half of the states in the United States have set a new record of new cases in a single day, the Washington Post reported. Nationwide, the 7-day average of new cases has risen for 19 consecutive days, and the number of inpatients and deaths has also begun to rise.

Biden stressed that the most serious epidemic may not have arrived, the United States is about to enter a dark winter, while trump has no clear plan, and there is no vaccine available for most Americans until the middle of next year.

Family, health care and the economy


Biden, on the other hand, hopes to expand the coverage and affordability of Obamacare. He stressed that subsidies under the affordable care act would be strengthened to help more people buy insurance, and that he would introduce a public purchase option for the government, calling it bidencare.

Trump said he will unveil a plan to replace Obamacare, which will continue to protect those who already have diseases. He has said that for years, but the plan has not yet been released.

Meanwhile, Biden supported raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour during the new crown pandemic. Trump, on the other hand, believes that this will threaten American enterprises and the economy.

national security

I made it clear that any country that interferes in the US election, whoever it is, will pay for it, Biden said If I am elected, they will pay the price.

Biden also accused trump of failing to act on Russias actions in terms of electoral intervention, and presented a recent report, noting that Trumps national security adviser warned that his private lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was Russias influence and target.

Trump said he had been informed of the above-mentioned election intervention, and stressed the assessment of the director of national intelligence that Iran and Russias efforts were aimed at undermining his candidacy. Trump also attacked Biden, saying that the latter received $3.5 million from Russia, although he did not provide any evidence.

Immigration reform

Immigration was also discussed for the first time in the debate that night.

The fact is, Ive made it clear that Im going to send more than 11 million undocumented immigrants to the U.S. Congress within 100 days. Biden said all of these people will be able to stay in the United States and embark on the path to citizenship.

In the race issue, trump again attacked Bidens support for a crime bill passed in 1994, which led to more blacks in prison.

Trump said Biden had been vice president for eight years to combat racism, but he did not. Trump stressed that he was the least racist person, adding that I get along very well with everyone..

You add fuel to every racist incident. Biden hit back.

climate change

At the end of the debate, the issues of environment and climate change were discussed. Trump said he withdrew from the Paris climate agreement because he was not willing to sacrifice jobs for thousands of Americans. Biden said climate change is a fatal threat to human survival.

The last question in the debate that night was: what message would both sides send to Americans who did not vote for them on Inauguration Day.

We have to make our country completely successful, as it was before the outbreak. Trump said.

I am the president of the United States. On behalf of all of you, whether you vote for me or against me, I will make sure you are represented. Biden said.

As of 22, more than 48 million U.

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An American scholar also said that the arrogance and extreme pressure strategy of the Republican Party and trump on China has been revealed. What is more noteworthy now is what will happen to Bidens China policy if Biden wins the election.

In addition, the deletion of the word one China policy in the 2020 party platform adopted by the National Congress of the Democratic Party in August this year has led many people to speculate that:


Originally, this should be a debate with few Chinese elements.

According to the Convention, entering the critical period in October, the US presidential candidates will have three TV debates. But this year, affected by the epidemic and Trumps rejection of online video debates, the second debate scheduled for last week was canceled.

One of the direct effects is that they are unable to have a more full face-to-face confrontation on diplomatic issues, because that is generally the main topic of the two debates.

A few days ago, trump claimed that the third debate should still focus on foreign policy, but from the perspective of the actual agenda setting: the new epidemic, American family, race, climate change, national security and leadership are still mainly focused on the United States.

Some US media said this was Trumps last chance to weaken Bidens lead. However, there are also views that the three debates have little impact on the overall election situation, because debates are usually aimed at swing voters who have not yet made a final decision, and there are not many voters: a recent poll by Reuters and others shows that only 8% of voters are still struggling with who to vote for.

Even so, the two parties campaign teams have put in a lot of preparation. Among them, Biden has not arranged any public campaign since the end of last week, but stayed at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, for several days to prepare for war.

At about 10:30 p.m. local time on the 22nd, the debate between the two people lasted for an hour and a half.

For example, it is certain that NBC hostess Christine Welks control of the field, such as Jingmai measures are indeed effective, that is, one candidates microphone is turned off during the two minute opening speech, so as to avoid the scuffle scene that frequently interrupts the other party and the audience cant hear anything.

In addition, the candidates of the two parties have involved in Chinas role in many issues, and they have also received widespread attention from the US and European media

Trump responded that China has already paid the price of tariffs and other aspects. Biden said Russia, Iran and China are interfering in the U.S. election, and he will ensure that these countries pay the price when he becomes president.


There are 12 days to go before the US presidential election on November 3.

According to the U.S. election plan, about 47.5 million Americans have cast their votes, nearly eight times the number of people who voted early at the same time point before the 2016 election, and more than the total of 47.2 million votes cast in advance before the 2016 election day.

Professor MacDonald of the University of Florida, who is in charge of the American election plan, predicts that the final turnout will reach about 150 million, the highest turnout rate since 1908.

According to the analysis of Reuters, this wave of early voting is due to the consideration of safety under the epidemic situation. Many states have expanded the scale of postal voting and on-site early voting. On the other hand, some voters hope to affect Trumps political future.

Lets look at the specific election.

On October 22nd, Bidens average approval rating was 50.7%, while Trumps was 42.8%, according to the website true and clear politics.

But poll data from key swing states show that the two are in a tight race.

However, Trumps 50% swing rate has not been in Bidens upper and lower reaches. According to the analysis of Forbes magazine, Biden has an overwhelming advantage in terms of the average national poll, while he maintains a limited lead in swing states. However, trump still has a chance to win in the event of major events.

A lot of people think of Hillary Clinton winning the polls and losing the election four years ago.

On October 18, 2016, Hillary Clintons lead in the national average poll was 7.1%, but dropped to 1.3% a few days before election day, finally losing to trump.

Some experts on the United States believe that historically, the polls of the United States can still reflect the results of the election. The phenomenon of inconsistency between voter votes and electors votes is not frequent, and the occurrence of continuous events is even smaller probability.

The problem, however, is that American society has been torn apart and political polarization has reached an unprecedented height. This will result in many voters not voting according to the conventional political logic. In this way, polls based on conventional political logic may deviate from the final election results.

Therefore, experts believe that Bidens election results are likely not as good as the poll data show, and Trumps election results are likely not as bad as the poll results. Both still have a chance to win.


Many US and European media have been discussing how the US China policy will be after the election?

The reason is very simple. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican party hold similar negative positions on China. As we have seen, a series of bills related to Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong introduced recently by the Congress were almost passed by full vote.

The US political elites awareness of Chinas prevention is gradually becoming a consensus, and this consensus will continue to increase.

No matter who comes to power in the future, it is likely to continue to suppress China, which is also a probable event.

On the other hand, the United States has never stopped its crackdown on China.

In his last two years in office, Obama has developed a new China strategy. He put forward a high-profile rebalancing in the Asia Pacific region, and did a lot of things in the South China Sea and the East China Sea; economically, he launched the Pan Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) in an attempt to isolate China.

Therefore, whether it is trump or Biden, in China policy, change is style, not substance..

Trump is not the first president who wants to protect his countrys economy with tariffs, and Biden will not be the first to remove trade barriers, German economic weekly quoted economist Everett as saying. No matter who the next president is, he will, like all his predecessors, follow the national interest in trade policy. Whats going to change is just how he wraps up his purpose and how he sells it on the world stage. We know that trump is at least the louder of the two

If trump is re elected, according to past experience, without re-election pressure, he is likely to let go and accumulate more political heritage.

Trump said in an interview before he took office in the White House that one of the magic weapons of his business career is that the worse the market is, the more opportunities there are to make profits. There is no chance of making big money in a stable market. According to this, some experts estimate that trump will further act as a troublemaker, subversion and shock in Sino US relations, and seek the maximum political and economic interests in the confusion and doubt.

What if Biden came to power?

The same point of view, blankin said once in September.

The challenges posed by China are becoming more and more severe, which can be described as the biggest challenge that we face from another nation-state, he told the American Chamber of Commerce. I think the problem is not who is tough on China or weak on China, but who can come up with the most effective strategy to protect and improve our security, prosperity and values.

According to the analysis of some experts, the difference between Trumps and Bidens styles towards China may be: if trump wins, we will see more things we have seen now, and there is not much international support. If Biden wins, he will strive for more international consensus to target China and use international organizations to put pressure on Beijing. Moreover, Biden may pay more attention to human rights and democratic values than trump.

Yes, there are frictions between China and the United States, but these are only between China and the United States, not between China and the world.

Although the impact of Sino US relations is indeed great, it can only be regarded as a part of Chinas overall foreign layout. The supply chain and industrial chain formed over the past few decades can not be changed in four or eight years if one or two presidents want to change it.

We need to maintain strategic self-confidence and strategic determination. Recognize the general trend, adhere to opening up to the outside world, promote internal reform, and finally use high-quality development to counter those arbitrary pressures.

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