Crazy harvest! Cloud cattle app explosion, investors lose money

 Crazy harvest! Cloud cattle app explosion, investors lose money

Cloud cattle can get high returns?

According to Qilu Evening News, in May this year, Anhui citizen Ms. Li (not her real name) found a mobile phone software called Xinyue animal husbandry on the Internet, which is known as a new modern investment model combining online investment and offline cattle raising. Investors can get rich returns by leading and raising cattle online, and some people can feed and raise cattle off-line.

All Internet plus animal husbandry models, different days in each mode, different principal, and different profits, basically are higher investment principal and higher rebate. In other words, it is to buy cattle online and get a rebate according to the number of days and investment. Ms. Li said that after her inquiry, Xinyue animal husbandry was managed by Inner Mongolia Xinyue agriculture and animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., and she tried to invest.

The initial investment received a quick return. After 500 yuan of investment, the account changed to 507 yuan the next day, and the cash could be withdrawn smoothly. Since then, many investments have been able to make profits and withdraw cash for two months. Among them, there is a 30 day cattle raising project. Ms. Li has invested 10000 yuan in the principal and has a rebate of more than 170 yuan every day.

Source: Qilu Evening News

At the end of July, Ms. Li was mentioning the current situation. Suddenly, she found something wrong and the app prompted that she could not withdraw cash.

However, a bigger trap is coming.

App cant open after tax payment

On August 7, Ms. Li was told that the app had been investigated and punished by the tax authorities and could only withdraw cash according to the VIP level. If the tax was not paid, personal credit investigation would be blacklisted, thus affecting personal travel.

Like Ms. Li, there are not a few people who are cheated on Xinyue animal husbandry app.

According to surging news reports, on August 6 this year, Li Bing (not his real name), an investor in Xinyue animal husbandry app yunyangniu, found that a tax payment notice had been issued on the app.

Source of pictures: surging news (provided by interviewees)

On the other hand, the notice also said that if the tax payment is not completed within the specified time, the members account will be permanently frozen in accordance with the law, and all funds in the account will be submitted to the tax bureau as tax revenue and included in the dishonest executive. According to the VIP level, users need to pay from 3000 yuan to 800000 yuan, and can not use the existing balance in the account.

On the evening of August 7, Li Bing tried to mention the current situation and found that the app could not be logged in. And his total fund of 250000 yuan is locked in the app.

Several cloud cattle raising apps are doubtful about cashing

According to surging news reports, after some victims joined Xinyue animal husbandrys rights protection group, the group showed that hundreds of people had been cheated, with a total amount of 7 million yuan.

According to the report, many complainants have reported to the surging news that in addition to Xinyue animal husbandry, there are more than ten yunyangniu financial management apps such as Tianhe animal husbandry, Dishi animal husbandry, Kaixin animal husbandry, Dongjun animal husbandry, Quansheng animal husbandry, Xinyuan animal husbandry, Shengyuan animal husbandry, Miaoren animal husbandry, Yinlong animal husbandry, Youxiang animal husbandry, Shousheng animal husbandry, etc.

Among them, Kaixin animal husbandry, Quansheng animal husbandry, Xinyuan animal husbandry and Shengyuan animal husbandry all issued a tax payment notice according to law similar to Xinyue animal husbandry before the app could not log in. Users still could not withdraw cash after paying taxes.

According to the report, it is understood that among the 12 cloud cattle apps that are said to be unable to withdraw funds and log in, most of them were launched in June and July this year. They were found unable to log in between August and September. Each app has a life span of about two months. They have been unable to search in the app mall, and those that have been installed can not log in.

The company said the information was stolen

According to Qilu Evening News, the legal representative of Inner Mongolia Xinyue agriculture and animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd. told reporters, Xinyue app is a company that forges our companys business license and other information, and uses this information to develop through other companies. Our company does not have this app at all, and the company has not actually operated until now.

According to the above legal representative, the company has never actually operated. It only happened to know about the so-called Xinyue animal husbandry app in June this year, and issued an announcement to the police in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia for filing. In August this year, the company received a lot of phone calls from the victims.

Another Shengyuan animal husbandry company behind the Shengyuan animal husbandry limited also issued a statement that our company has never publicized and invested in cattle raising activities, and has not developed and established the Shengyuan livestock husbandry APP and official account.

Police in many places have put on file for investigation

On October 21, a policeman from the Public Security Bureau of Helinger County, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, said that the reported case was mainly about Shengyuan animal husbandry app. Through tracking the server of the app, the Public Security Bureau found that the server address was abroad, and the funds had also been transferred, making the investigation more difficult. He said that there has not been a multi regional joint handling of the case, and since the victims are not in Inner Mongolia and the investigation content of the police bureau of Helinger county is limited, he suggested that the victims report to the Public Security Bureau in their respective districts.

And these cloud farming have also had an accident

In fact, cloud farming scams are not uncommon. Some netizens disclosed that the nature of illegal fund-raising has been repeatedly exposed by the police many years ago.

On May 12, 2020, the economic investigation team of Nanshan Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau filed a case against the crocodile treasure platform suspected of illegal fund-raising. The amount involved in the case was about 89.159 million yuan. The platform once claimed 2000 yuan to adopt a crocodile, which not only returned the original cost in four months, but also achieved an annual income of 15% This kind of advertisement that thinks with ones toes is a scam, it is said to have cheated tens of thousands of users.

According to the official website of crocodile treasure, Shenzhen crocodile Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2016. In December 2016, the crocodile treasure platform with independent intellectual property rights and focusing on the crocodile industry was launched. Through the adoption mode of online adoption, offline breeding, base marketing and dividend sharing, with the help of scientific and technological means and information tools, the Internet was completed. Through the crocodile treasure platform, customers can adopt the crocodile raised in the base and entrust them to breed. After the expiration of the period, they can choose to take away the crocodile, or entrust the base to sell the adopted crocodile, and also choose to exchange the equivalent crocodile peripheral series products.

Crocodile Baos official website also claimed that since the opening of the bid, there has been no overdue event in the bid, and tens of thousands of users have participated in the adoption. Users can withdraw the principal and dividend at any time after the maturity of the adoption fund, or continue to adopt crocodile in crocodile treasure to obtain more income.

In addition to raising crocodiles, there are also chicken, pig and other scams.

On May 21, the Economic Investigation Department of Zunyi, Guizhou Province, reminded that recently, the Economic Investigation Department of the city found that a network technology Co., Ltd. in the name of chicken breeding, induced investors to pay funds in the name of purchasing ecological native chickens, and obtained commission through developing members, which was suspected of pyramid selling crime. Investors can get both static and dynamic returns, the company said.

In 2013, Aishang pig raising app was registered by Weinan shangrun animal husbandry Co., Ltd., which is engaged in pig breeding. In the name of pig substitute breeding and sales service, it attracts people to invest and adopt pigs and pay corresponding breeding, sales costs and service fees. It publicizes pigs to the public by means of wechat circle of friends, holding meetings and inviting investors to visit pig farms and other places Generation breeding, sales services.

There are various kinds of deception, and investors should pay more attention to the dazzling cloud culture. Part of it is from Qilu Evening News, surging news, etc. source: China Foundation news Author: Chu Shen, editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF

There are various kinds of deception, and investors should pay more attention to the dazzling cloud culture.

Some of them are from Qilu Evening News and surging news