American media reporter visited Wuhan again and photographed this scene, and overseas netizens were filled with emotion

 American media reporter visited Wuhan again and photographed this scene, and overseas netizens were filled with emotion

A screenshot of the interview with the Wall Street Journal by tourist Xiao Huang.

When the American media reporter visited Wuhan a few months later, he was also surprised by the sight of the Yellow Crane Tower. Tourists wore masks to visit the landmark in an orderly manner. On both sides of the Yangtze River, many tourists stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Wuhan.

Tourists line up to enter the Yellow Crane Tower Scenic Area, a screenshot of the Wall Street Journal report.

Golden week China city is the city with novel coronavirus pneumonia. During the golden week, Wuhan became the most popular tourist city in China. It received about 18000000 tourists and the whole citys tourism revenue was about 1 billion 400 million dollars, said the media. Wuhan has been the most popular city in China.

A screenshot of the Wall Street Journal.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Wuhans current prosperity is the demonstration of the remarkable results achieved by Chinas strict prevention and control measures in recent months.

A screenshot of the current busy Yangtze River Bridge reported by the Wall Street Journal.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Wuhan first ordered the closure of the city. In 76 days, Wuhan people have gained effective control over the spread of the epidemic at the expense of normal life.

The time-space streets of Wuhan and the busy streets of golden week are captured by the Wall Street Journal.

In order to ensure the zero new crown, on the one hand, Wuhan tourism places require all staff to accept the test, on the other hand, limit the number of visitors, timely kill the amusement facilities, remind tourists to wear masks and keep a safe distance. Before entering the tourist site, the staff will also measure the temperature of tourists and check the identity information, health code or itinerary card of tourists.

The staff killed the seats in front of each roller coaster ride. Screenshot of the Wall Street Journal report.

According to the Wall Street Journal, thats why Wuhan has become a popular tourist destination for Chinese people - its strict epidemic prevention measures have created a great sense of trust and security.

A local bar owner who witnessed Wuhans recovery also said: as time goes by, slowly (in the past), peoples confidence in consumption is becoming stronger and stronger. I think the epidemic is over.

A screenshot of the bar owners interview with the Wall Street Journal.

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The scene of the Wall Street Journal reporters second visit to Wuhan made overseas Netizens feel deeply (source: ~)

After watching the video of the Wall Street Journals on-the-spot visit to Wuhan, overseas netizens were also filled with emotion.

From February to April, Wuhan was completely closed down, and now the prosperity is due to the people of Wuhan.

Im glad to see Wuhan return to normal operation, such a beautiful and vibrant city. In fact, if all people (like Wuhan people) cooperate (to fight the epidemic), it is not surprising to find a glimmer of light in the dark. I hope the world can return to normal, and everyone is safe and healthy.

Its hard to believe that at the beginning of the year, the Wall Street Journal reported the epidemic situation in Wuhan under the title of China is the sick man of East Asia . Now (after witnessing the recovery of Wuhan), it has written such a positive story. So who is the real patient?

In fact, not only has Wuhan ushered in a recovery, foreign media found that the whole of China is slowly getting rid of the impact of the epidemic.

Chinas GDP in the third quarter grew 4.9% year-on-year in the third quarter, and the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 3.3% in September, according to Reuters. This means that after the impact of the global health crisis, consumer confidence is recovering, and the recovery momentum of Chinas economy from the trough is still continuing.

A screenshot from Reuters.

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