Still kicking! 39 year old Argentinas big head scored in 89 minutes

 Still kicking! 39 year old Argentinas big head scored in 89 minutes

In the 24th minute, Brazil international got a penalty. Dali Sandro, 39, swindled the goalkeeper into the middle of the goal with his left foot. Veteran fans must be impressed with Dali Sandro, who was one of Maradonas successors before Messi became famous. Daly Sandro, nicknamed the big head, has played for Wolfsburg, Portsmouth, Zaragoza and other European teams. After returning to South American football in 2008, he has played for Brazil international and won the South American Footballer of the year in 2010.

In the 25th minute, Catholic University equalized with a very lucky refractor. At the top of the forbidden area, zampedris right foot is hitting the door. The ball bounced high after hitting the defenders body, then it crossed the door and fell back into the net. This refracting ball becomes an unsolved shot.

In the 89th minute, the Catholic University completed the reversal with an inverted hook. The Brazilian international guard lost control of the ball near the baseline, and puccie snatched the ball from the right. Brazils international defender moledo managed to clear the ball and the ball went straight up and down to zampedo. Zampedri followed the trend to an upside down gold hook, although his take-off height is not high, but just kicked the goalkeeper and the guards center of gravity in the opposite direction, the ball against the far post into the net.

Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin, editor in charge: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656