Baileys 80th birthday tearful: the only regret is that he didnt play football on the moon

 Baileys 80th birthday tearful: the only regret is that he didnt play football on the moon

The only thing I havent done in my 80 years of life is landing on the moon, Bailey said. If there is football on the moon, I will go there to play football Other players might be criticized for being too arrogant, but Pele has the guts to say so.

Pele has participated in 1366 games in his career and scored 1283 goals. He is the professional player officially recognized by FIFA to score the most goals. Pele also helped Brazil win the world cup three times, and he is the player who won the world cup most times.

Former US President Reagan once said to Bailey: my name is Ronald Reagan, and I am the president of the United States. But you dont need to introduce yourself because everyone knows who Bailey is FIFA president ivantino said: Pele has taken football to another level. He is not only the epitome of beautiful football, but also his style of playing is very relaxed, which has never been seen before. Pele plays like God, Platini said

Pele also talked about his playing experience in Brazil, Santos, New York Cosmos and other teams in this interview with FIFA, and for a time he couldnt help crying. Im weeping with joy, Bailey explained as he took the tissue from his wife Maria. Cant I cry with joy?

Maria Aoki is a Japanese woman, 25 years younger than Bailey, who married her four years ago. Bailey has been hospitalized for kidney disease and urinary system diseases for many times in recent years. He also received hip replacement surgery in 2018, while his wife has been accompanying him to take care of Bailey.

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