People who earn 10 or 100 times more easily than others do the right thing

 People who earn 10 or 100 times more easily than others do the right thing

My daughter, 28 years old, 165cm, 70kg, currently earning 6K. The husband is the only child and has a daughter.

My brother and I are hearing impaired, not very clear, with the help of hearing aids, the family is normal.

At present, my problems are self-improvement and career planning. I have the courage to ask you for help.

I have done baking in cake shops, factories, milk tea, child care sister-in-law, cutting and packing in fast food restaurants.

For example, cooking, parenting knowledge, dealing with people, and improve their education, college entrance examination.

I dont know which major is more suitable for me, and can it be related to the home economics industry?

Financial management, I must also learn to manage money, is to let their own economic freedom.

I want to learn e-commerce because I remember Leng Das saying that if you choose a major, you should try your best to choose the one with weak substitutability, because there will be artificial intelligence in the future.

Cold love reply:

I really appreciate the girl who has been fighting all the way.

No matter how low a persons starting point is, as long as she works hard and is positive, as the so-called God helps those who help themselves, we will all help her together.

In view of her current situation, I would like to give her two suggestions first:

The first is to insist and believe.

When we believe in one thing, it becomes simple.

Some people, born with a lot of doubt, doubt people, also doubt things, but this kind of people often end up with nothing.

My life creed is very simple, choose a person to start cooperation, even if the other party hurt me once, I will not doubt each other.

I usually say that everyone has a second chance to come back again. TA can do something wrong once. The second time I remind him that he is wrong again, then I start to play games with him.

Until then, I will believe it completely.

Because believe, so simple.

If you always doubt others, this is also to prevent, that is to prevent, life will become very complex, and finally nothing.

This girl is the one who chooses to believe. After reading our article, she saw that we said, if you have a chance, you must go to the first tier cities for development, and then she went to Shanghai.

After more than a year in Shanghai, there have been many new changes.

This is especially good. This is what we call the power of faith..

When she believes it, when she practices it, when she comes out and goes to Shanghai, it must be a more friendly environment for people like her who need hearing aids.

This is the power of faith.

The second suggestion is to establish a correct causal relationship.

Mr. Zhang Huan and I have participated in a course, which advocates a concept called:

If you want a better future, you cant get a different future with the same self.

So if we want to get a good result, we have to change it first.

But when it comes to change, establish the right causality.

As a domestic service staff, the female owner is far away from the domestic government if she wants to do well in the field of home affairs, but she learns what financial management, e-commerce and artificial intelligence are.

Even because of the need to take care of children, so to learn painting and calligraphy, want to educate them, is simply wrong.

All high net worth families, even ordinary middle-class families, who want their children to learn painting and calligraphy, will definitely sign up for special classes and find special painting teachers, even painters and calligraphers.

As a domestic service personnel, do this job, the simplest should be what?

On this basis, if you can make Chinese food, Western food, baking, pastry, and solve the problem of food and beverage nutrition matching, thats great.

In addition, if you want to learn something else, such as learning storage methods, learning how to maintain expensive clothes skills, and so on, these are very good.

In short, everything revolves around the real needs of family members, rather than doing things that seem tall but not important.

As a domestic service staff attitude, and around the needs of family members to serve, this is the most important thing.

Just in time for us to talk about this topic, our creation meeting also invited Zhang Huan to talk about his views on this issue. Here are his opinions.

But maybe her eyes will be more able to see the beauty of the world and more subtle changes than ordinary people.

Moreover, because of her hearing and even expression, there are some small obstacles.

This means that she cant hear secrets and gossip, so shes especially suitable for being an assistant to others, an aunt and a nanny for some families.

From this point of view, there is always a person who is most suitable for doing something because of his or her short and strong points.

In my opinion, home economics may be especially suitable for her, instead of learning e-commerce, financial management, painting and art.

Maybe the service industry such as housekeeping service, which is aimed at a family, may be a good career choice or career focus for her.

This is the first point I want to share.

Second, everyone should not despise or despise the industry they are engaged in

Many people who do housekeeping say that because I have a low education, because I am poor, because I have obstacles, I have to engage in nanny and housekeeping.

I tell you that in the first tier cities, it is no problem for a good sister-in-law to earn 350000 yuan a month.

In the first tier cities, a good nanny, even if she only cleans or takes care of children, specializes in one part and can get at least 120000 a month. Moreover, it is hard to find such a housekeeper.

This is particularly difficult.

In fact, the most scarce in the future is not the workers, nor the so-called code knockers, but the lack of service, especially the lack of personal service.

Because of privacy, its very important to be comfortable.

If a person is a person with a very high education background, very clever, and has a lot of eyes and ears.

Ask TA to do housekeeping, people will feel very dangerous, and if this person looks a little bit more beautiful, the hostess will feel more dangerous.

Therefore, sometimes we often say that we should be like Filipino domestic helpers.

Why are Filipino domestic helpers popular around the world?

Because they standardize the things that seem to have no technical content and make the customer experience the best.

So what can we learn from them?

Take cooking as an example. Breakfast is the least ceremonial meal among the three Chinese meals.

If one can make breakfast ceremonially, I dare say, no one will give up TA.

To tell you the truth, everyone can cook the big meal at noon and in the evening, but few people can do the ceremonial sense of breakfast.

So, instead of learning other things that have nothing to do with the main business, its better to focus on your main business.

Remember, the easier it is, the harder it is to do it. Once the critical point is reached, one persons income model in the whole industry will be ten times that of others.

I often talk about such a logic: if a person achieves the top level in an industry, the income of TA is definitely 10 times, 100 times that of others;

If a persons income is only one or two thousand more than others, it means that they are not at the top.

If you can do the top job, I dare say that some people are willing to give 100000 yuan, because there is no shortage of rich people in our country.

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